How Geothermal Heat Pumps Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

Posted on: Feb 20, 2020

So many factors contribute to the cost of installing a new Geothermal Heat Pump. Some of these factors include the size of the system you’re installing, the physical attributes of your property, and the size of your property. The upfront cost of installing a geothermal heat pump will probably scare many homeowners. However, in comparison to other heating and cooling solutions, this is much better for the long run and energy costs. 

Geothermal heat pumps are not only long-term solutions, but they also help save a lot of energy. This alone justifies the money you have to part with for proper installation. 

Makes Financial Sense

As compared to conventional sources of heat, ground source heat solutions help property and homeowners save up to 25 to 50 percent off their energy bills. Energy bills are one of the most daunting expenses in every establishment that heavily relies on electricity or fossil fuel systems and this investment can add up to real savings.
With a typical geothermal heat pump, it will take you at least 5 to 10 years before you can save for the initial upfront investment. That is in the form of reduced energy costs, and property owners cannot take this fact for granted. 

They are Efficient 

The biggest upside about installing a Geothermal Heat Pump is its Efficiency. This is the main reason why you save so much by using one. 

A well-installed ground source heating system can provide close to 5 times the amount of electrical energy your home consumes in the form of heat. Crazy right? 
How is this even possible? You might ask. Well, ground source energy pumps move heat, whereas other energy solutions burn fuel. 

These heat pumps can deliver low-cost heating as well as cooling since they’ve been designed to tap into a renewable source of energy. They work by absorbing free heat energy from the earth’s crust.

 Contrary to conventional heating systems that use natural gas, coal, oil, or wood, there is no combustion required to get the heat to your home. When you have to burn fuel to create heat, there is a lot of energy lost in the process.


Another benefit of getting a Geothermal Heat Pump is how long it lasts. When installed correctly, a ground heat pump can last up to 50 years. 

The indoor compartments, however, need to be replaced after 10 to 15 years. Even so, you have access to a reliable, low-cost heating and cooling system for many decades. 
Investing in geothermal solutions is a significant lifetime savings plan because energy is not something you can live without.

This is a long-term investment that gives you a reasonable return on investment year in year out. The systems have been built to sustain you without serious maintenance expenses. Since the machines are installed underground, they are not prone to damage. 

They’re Usable in any Climate 

Regardless of where you leave, there is always geothermal heat under your feet that can be harnessed. With the right equipment, you can say goodbye to paying an arm and a leg to keep your home comfortable and sustainable. 

These systems can operate in any climate because the earth’s underground temperature is constant. Whether you’re in a hot or cold area, the ground’s temperature will always be 45° to 75° F.


Geothermal energy is one of the most sustainable energy solutions for property owners. Even though the installation fee is steep, the return on investment is realistic. Make sure that you work with a professional company so that you don’t run into problems after installation and can save on energy costs in the future.