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Whether your unit isn’t performing at a high level or has stopped working altogether, we’re here to help. Airco Service understands how inconvenient issues with your heater can be. Therefore, our Comfort Specialists will move quickly and efficiently to address all of your concerns. For problems that require immediate assistance, 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE is available. We arrive at all our appointments prompt ready to provide you with the most professional and excellent service.

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Air Conditioning

Let our Airco team consult with you today about your air conditioning needs. We will ensure you choose the right cooling system for your home, business, or commercial space. When you hire Airco to install an AC unit, you will have peace of mind knowing you are receiving the highest quality products and services in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Our Comfort Specialists will arrive on schedule and finish your repair or installation without any complications or delays.

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We Currently Only Offer Plumbing In Oklahoma

We offer full-service plumbing to both homes and businesses. Airco will provide you with the comprehensive plumbing services that Oklahoma residents have come to rely on. Please give us a call if there is a service you need that is not listed here.

Make use of our online scheduling form to book an appointment. All of our plumbing experts are specially trained, licensed, insured and bonded in Oklahoma to take care of all your plumbing needs.

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Home Generators

From your heating and air conditioner all the way down to your bedside lamp and phone charger, your entire home depends on electricity. Oklahoma residents know that electrical problems have the potential to cause a significant inconvenience and could cost you thousands of dollars, which is why it’s so critical to find the best local, licensed electrician to conduct your electrical service and repairs. When it comes to who Oklahoma residents trust to work on their electrical needs, residents put their trust in the friendly, licensed professionals at Airco Service.

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Maintenance Memberships

Did you know that your air conditioning unit runs about 1,600 hours per year, and your heating system runs about 1,400 hours per year?

You rely on your heating and cooling system every day. Similar to a car, your heating and cooling system requires routine maintenance to operate efficiently, safely and reliably for the expected life of the unit.

Maintenance on your heating and cooling system is something that we don’t often think about, yet it has one of the most dramatic effects on our utility bills. Manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment recognize that bi-annual maintenance of your HVAC system is necessary for continued efficiency, safety and to extend the life of your equipment.

Keep your HVAC system tuned up bi-annually to extend the life of your unit. We offer a bi-annual Maintenance Membership to keep your Oklahoma or Arkansas heating and cooling system in peak condition all year long.

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Why Choose Us

24/7 service

Stay Safe With Airco Service

The Airco Service Experience

With our commitment to quality, we start by first asking questions to determine the best possible solution for your home.

Oklahoma and Arkansas have some of the harshest weather around, so we strive to ensure your new HVAC system will meet all of your needs.

Unlike other Oklahoma and Arkansas HVAC installers, we don’t believe in high-pressure sales, and we won’t leave until you are satisfied with the job and all of your questions have been answered. We train each specialist to see the job through from start to finish, making sure the unit or system performs up to your expectations, 100% guaranteed. That’s the Airco Service difference.

Complete Home Service

Airco Service is a company that offers not only heating & air but also electrical & plumbing services for your home.

We offer the convenience of having one company provide all of your service needs.  Our electrical, plumbing and HVAC divisions work together seamlessly with each other to professionally provide the best service in Oklahoma, without any of the overlaps of using two different companies.

We offer full-service electrical contracting including new construction, renovations, meter upgrades, storm damage or any home electrical service you may need.  Our plumbing division is rapidly growing and expanding. Our plumbing experts are highly trained and use the most leading-edge technology in Oklahoma.

We offer complete plumbing services, including tankless water heaters, sewer line repair, leaks of any kind or any home plumbing service you may need.  If you have a leaky sink or an air conditioner that is not cooling, give Airco a call and we will take care of all your service needs.


Airco Service offers Memberships for your heating and cooling system.

This membership program helps you avoid unexpected repair bills, reduce operating costs and maintain the highest efficiency from your heating and cooling systems. This service is comparable to changing the oil in your car. With proper maintenance of your systems, they will be more reliable and keep your family comfortable year-round.

Memberships save you money!

What Our Neighbors Say

Called Airco for help with a non-operative air conditioner. Set an appointment for the following afternoon. Airco Service requested in the morning and said a tech was available; told them to come on out. Jack V. and assistant showed up in about ten minutes; they were well dressed for the work and introduced themselves. I explained what I thought the problem was and Jack described how they charged for their service. Told him to have at it. Their inspection showed a couple of mechanical things I didn’t expect and some I did. All were explained thoroughly and fixed after I approved them. This team sets a high bar for others to follow. I couldn’t ask for better service and recommend Airco Service highly.


The installation process was easy. Cale was on time, polite, and intelligent. We needed new duct work installed.  I wasn’t charged an additional fee for the job, which I appreciated. Cale even caught and dispatched three huge wasps that came into the house from the duct opening! I highly recommend Airco Service!


We are so happy with Airco, and we are amazed at how quickly the installation team took out our old unit and installed the new unit. The house has stayed the same temperature during the installation. We were worried about the heat and my health, as I am a heart patient and a severe diabetic and have COPD and the weather takes a hit on my breathing. My husband was very concerned about me not being able to survive for too long with the excessive heat. Now he says the installation team can come anytime for a sandwich and iced tea any time they want. Again Thank You all for the time spent with us getting the new unit installed.


Our furnace failed to operate, so I called Airco. I was irritated because of just four weeks prior the heater failed, the service rep identified the problem, and we had to wait four days for a new part to be shipped overnight from Texas. Ardell arrived promptly on a Sunday morning; his demeanor was professional but pleasant. He explained his diagnosis and the cause of the problem. At first, he thought a new pressure switch was needed and began getting ready to leave. To my surprise when I checked again he stated that he had been bothered because something just wasn’t right. So instead of leaving with doubt on his mind he investigated further and discovered that a spider web had caused the pressure switch to fail. I appreciate his determination to do all that was possible before calling it a day!


John M is incredibly kind and friendly. I had never hired Airco Service before and was pleasantly surprised when the technician showed up on time with a great smile on his face. He did some regular AC tune-up and finished in no time. No hassle at all! He didn’t bring the filter because he didn’t know the size, but he came back the next day to drop the filters for us! We highly appreciate that he is willing to go the extra mile for us! Highly recommended!


I had a very POSITIVE EXPERIENCE with Airco Service. We have been with Airco Service for 20 years, and We have just had our HVAC spring tune up (HVAC and 3 Mitsubishi units) no small work order. For the 2nd time we had Technician Greg P. We would like to express our sincere appreciation of Greg for his professional manner, his thoroughness, and friendly manner. He is welcome at our house anytime!


We have used Airco Services for several years taking advantage of its annual service agreement. Today, Jesus S. provided our spring check for the A/C. He was professional, answered all my questions and cleaned up after himself. I would recommend Airco Service Company for your A/C and Heating, Plumbing and Electrical needs. I’ve used each service and have always had an excellent experience with both service and price.


I am a first time customer and called for an A/C check up because of a postcard ad in the mail. Bryan M. sent out the next day. As it turned out, several things that needed repair and or maintained. He explained all the necessary work thoroughly and why it was necessary. He offered some tips that would help both the furnace and air run more efficiently. As he was leaving, he also informed me of other services that Airco offered. I am thankful for the information. I was so satisfied with Bryan’s visit that Airco is installing a fan for me next week. Thank you Airco and thank you Bryan M!


The prepaid maintenance service for my house has been terrific. Coming out when a problem occurs without charge once was a great plus. My Spring maintenance was done by Scyler and he was terrific. I just showed him where everything was and had some conversation and went outside. When I checked on him, he was blowing all of the dirt out of the air unit. Most of my neighbors use Airco, which is the reason I chose them. I am very glad I did!


Also, like to thank Jerad J for a great job setting us up to be able to get our new Lennox heat and air system. You did a great job, Jerad. If I had to do it again, I would call for you. Thank you again for your services.