Home Generator Systems Installed in Oklahoma


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Let Airco Service install an automatic Standby Generator System or Emergency Backup Generator to protect your family during a power outage.

Oklahoma weather can wreak havoc on our power lines. Imagine getting stuck in the cold due to a snowstorm in the dead of winter, or losing hundreds of dollars in groceries when a summer storm knocks out power to your refrigerator and freezer. Think about the expense and inconvenience of moving your family into a hotel for a week!

Next time the lights go out, don’t get left in the dark!

Airco Service, Inc. is a Kohler- and Generac-Certified Dealer/Service Company for communities in and around Tulsa, OK. We have the experience needed to install emergency backup or generator systems correctly sized for your needs. Generator installation is turnkey, in-house and are not sub-contracted or hired out.

We also offer generator maintenance and can extend our 24/7 emergency service for your other electrical needs.

Power Before and After the Storm with Standby Generator Systems

We can’t control the Tulsa weather, but we can control how it affects your home during a power outage or other electrical failure. A quality home generator:

  • Automatically transfers and powers your entire home within 20 Seconds when an outage occurs
  • Shuts down the generator and transfers back to your home’s electrical grid as soon as the power is back online
  • Is correctly sized for your home’s Electrical or natural gas systems
  • Installed by licensed and certified Airco technicians
  • Delivers true peace of mind that storms, freezing temperatures or power failures won’t affect your family or home anymore

How Do Emergency Backup Generators Work?

We install our standby generator systems permanently outside your home. They look and take up a similar amount of space as your outdoor air conditioning unit.

When you lose power to your home, the standby generator system senses a power outage and automatically turns on to restore power to your entire home within 20 seconds. When electrical crews finally restore power, the generator automatically shuts down and transfers your home back to your utility company.

Why do we install Generac home backup power generators?

1. They operate automatically.
You’ll never have to brave the elements to turn on your generator in an emergency. Generac generators work whether you’re home or not.

2. They run on natural gas.
Airco Service ties your emergency power generator into existing natural gas lines, which means you never have to fill it with gas or diesel. During a prolonged outage, you won’t have to worry about it running out of fuel.

3. Electric models are directly tied to your home’s power grid.
Airco’s technicians secure your emergency standby power system into your home’s main power supply. This means you’ll never have to run extension cords through the house again.

4. They’re the most trusted brand for home generators.
Generac is the best in emergency backup power systems and standby generators. Seven of every 10 homeowners who install backup power equipment choose Generac brand appliances.

And when you choose Airco Service to install your standby generator system, you get peace of mind knowing that your generator is:

  • Sized correctly for your home’s electrical and natural gas systems
  • Installed by Airco Service’s licensed and certified technicians
  • Backed by our legendary customer service and commitment to quality

Don't Forget About Generator Maintenance

You depend on your generator to be there when you need it most. Depend on our technicians to make sure it’s always ready to go. Routine maintenance will offer peace of mind knowing that your generator is fully prepared for the next power outage.

Our yearly generator maintenance plan includes a technician visiting your home once per year to:

  • Check the gas or propane pressure
  • Check oil levels
  • Evaluate spark plugs
  • Clean air filters and the unit of any dust or debris
  • Check that the correct voltage, amperage, and hertz are being sent from the unit to your home
  • Check that the weekly exercise is cycling properly
  • Make sure the transfer switch is engaging properly

Proper maintenance is the key to making sure your standby generator system is there for you when you need it most.
Call us today to learn more about our generator maintenance plans!