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Furnace Tune-Up and Safety Check Special

Furnace 26 Point Check List

  1. Clean the burners.
  2. Clean the flame sensor.
  3. Clean the heat exchanger.
  4. Check the vest panel for cracks.
  5. Check the draft motor for noises.
  6. Check the cracks on the draft housing.
  7. Check the flue pipe for proper installation.
  8. Check the flue piping size.
  9. Check PVC flue pipe for proper fall to the furnace
  10. Check the safeties for proper operation.
  11. Check the burners for proper operation.
  12. Clean the flame sensor and ignitor if applicable.
  13. Check the flame sensor current.
  14. Check the incoming gas pressure.
  15. Check the burner pressure and adjust if necessary.
  16. Check the blower control for proper operation.
  17. Check the control board for proper operation, adjust time and blower speed if necessary.
  18. Check the blower motor
  19. Check the blower wheel.
  20. Check temp rise on the heat exchanger.
  21. Wash or replace filters.
  22. Check the thermostat, adjust or program if necessary.
  23. Check UV lights.
  24. Check the humidifier and clean it if necessary.
  25. Check the CO and signs of leakage.
  26. Oil the motor if necessary.


  1. Check the defrost control sensors.
  2. Check the defrost operation.
  3. Check the sensor probes location.
  4. Check fan motor operation in defrost.
  5. Check Freon pressure in defrost termination.
  6. Check for proper voltage.
  7. Check for proper low voltage.

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