Licensed Electricians in Oklahoma


From your heating and air conditioner all the way down to your bedside lamp and phone charger, your entire home depends on electricity. Oklahomans know that electrical problems have the potential to cause a significant inconvenience and could cost you thousands of dollars, which is why it’s so critical to find the best local, licensed electrician in Tulsa, OK, to conduct your electrical repair and installation. When it comes to whom Oklahomans trust to provide quality electrical services, residents put their trust in the friendly, licensed professionals at Airco Service.

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Electrical Services

Electrical Services
Generator Maintenance

Our Team of Electricians Service Most Anything!

  • LED Lighting
  • Upgrade and rebuild main electrical service
  • Switches, dimmers, breakers, timers, disconnects and other types of controls
  • Receptacles, GFI / ARC fault-protected receptacles
  • Light fixtures, recessed can lights, ceiling fans
  • Wiring of new circuits for any electrical item
  • Attic power vents
  • Under cabinet lighting, security lighting, and accent lighting
  • Installation / replacement for breaker and fuse panels
  • Whole-home breaker panel surge protectors
  • Installation on new energy-efficient lighting
  • Main service surge protection
  • Whole-home electrical inspections
  • Equipment receptacles and other types of plug-ins
  • Installation and maintenance for standby generator systems
  • Generator repair

Don’t be left in the Dark!

We cannot control the weather, but we can control how it affects your home lifestyle. Airco Service offers installation and generator maintenance on all standby generators. Nothing is scarier than the thought of your generator not coming on when you need it most. Let Airco give you reassurance that yours will start up with no problem. Doing routine maintenance will give you peace of mind knowing during the next storm or power failure, you won’t be in the dark.

Generator Checklist:

  • Proper gas/propane pressures
  • Evaluate spark plugs
  • Good oil levels
  • Air filters clean of debris
  • Check voltage/ amperage / hertz coming out of unit going into the home
  • Weekly exercise is cycling properly
  • Transfer Switch is Engaging Properly
  • Residential Customers have maintenance done once a year, depending on your set up.

Call us for a Free Generator Maintenance Quote or Details on Replacement! 


Licensed, Certified Electricians for your Renovation and Remodeling

Whether you’re renovating a bathroom or adding additional square feet to your home, remodeling projects are a great opportunity to have your electrical systems inspected and to consider upgrading your lighting and electrical systems. Many older homes, especially those that have gone through renovations or updates, are prone to having outdated electrical systems, faulty fuse boxes and breakers, and sloppy wiring that put your home and family at risk.

The licensed, bonded and insured electricians at Airco Service offer affordable whole-home electrical inspection for homes in Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Oklahoma City, and the Grand Lake Area.

Doing your own renovations? Hire a licensed electrician to help.

Even the most capable do-it-yourselfers are smart to leave electrical repair services to our team of professionals. Doing your own electrical work poses a potential danger to you and others who share your home, and exposes you to the risk of shock, damage to your home or worse.

Our licensed, certified electricians are ready to help you with almost any project, including:

  • Upgrading and rebuilding your main electrical service
  • Light fixtures, recessed can lighting and ceiling fan installation
  • Under cabinet lighting, security lighting, and accent lighting
  • New energy efficient lighting installation
  • LED lighting installation
  • Switches, dimmers, breakers, timers, disconnects and other types of controls
  • GFCI/ARC fault protected receptacles
  • Wiring new circuits for appliances
  • Attic fans and power vents
  • Whole-home breaker panel surge protectors
  • Main service surge protection

24/7 Emergency Electricians in Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Sapulpa and Sand Springs, Oklahoma City and the Grand Lake Area

Electrical problems can cause more than an inconvenience, they can be a hazard to your home and your family. Our licensed, bonded and insured electricians in Tulsa are on call 24/7 to assist you with all of your electrical problems, so you’re never left in the dark.

If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, it’s time to call for electrical repair services immediately:

  • Intermittent power or flickering lights
  • Light switches or outlets that no longer work
  • Problems with your circuit breaker
  • Electrical shocks, even mild electrical shocks
  • Switch plates and fixtures that are hot to the touch
  • Sparks or a burning smell

The Most trusted Electricians in Oklahoma

Your trust is important to us, which is why at Airco Service we hire only the best local electricians in Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Oklahoma City and the Grand Lake Area. Our technicians are all licensed and background checked to give you the comfort of knowing only the very best are working in your home. Whatever your need, Airco Service has the electrical repair experience and expertise to help.