Why Is My AC Unit Loud?

Posted on: Feb 18, 2020

You should not have to live with a noisy air conditioner.  If you are even slightly disturbed by the noise emanating from your loud AC unit, it is time to take action by reaching out to our HVAC gurus for assistance.  Below, we shed light on some of the many reasons why air conditioners become noisy as they age.

What Causes a Loud AC Unit and Annoying Rattle?

If your air conditioner rattles, there is a good chance a small object fell into the vent, be it a stick, leaf or another form of debris.  However, there is also a chance the rattle is the result of a loose screw, bolt or fastener.  The compressor might also be responsible for the noise.  Compressor motors become that much louder as they age so don’t panic.  Let our AC experts perform an in-depth analysis to determine if the compressor motor is the real issue.

What About Popping Sounds?

If you hear popping sounds, they are likely emanating from the ductwork when the air turns on and off.  In other words, the problem might not be with the air conditioner itself but the ducts.  The bottom line is your ductwork will age as time progresses, necessitating maintenance to ensure it is fully functional and damage-free.  Our team is here to do this essential work on your behalf.

About That Grinding…

If there is a grinding noise coming from your air conditioner, the fan motor is likely the problem.  This indicates that the fan motor’s bearings need attention.  Even slight wear and tear on the bearing can cause an annoying grinding noise.

A/C Unit Whistling and Hissing Sounds

Whistling and hissing noises indicate there is likely an issue with the ductwork.  However, if the hissing is emanating directly from the air conditioner, the problem might be a refrigerant leak.  Do not attempt to handle a refrigerant leak on your own.  This type of project should only be addressed by an experienced HVAC professional.

If You Hear Buzzing, It is Cause for Concern

Buzzing noises typically emanate from the air conditioner’s air handler or outside of the home by the outdoor A/C unit.  Buzzing noises are a sign that there is an underlying electrical problem.  Our AC experts are here to determine if the issue with your AC is a failing motor, a broken capacitator, loose wiring, a malfunctioning compressor or arcing in which electrical current moves out of the designated path, potentially leading to sparks.

Older AC Units Will Eventually Generate Noise

If your air conditioner is a decade old or older, its old age might be the true cause of the noise.  Older air conditioners have minimal, if any, features designed to reduce noise.  As a result, these machines generate noise as they age.  The machine will only get louder as time progresses simply because the parts will continue to wear down and generate increasingly louder noises. 

It might be necessary to replace the old air conditioner with a newer, quieter, more efficient model.  Our team is here to evaluate your current air conditioning unit and determine if it is prudent to replace it with a newer model.  Feel free to pick our brains to determine which air conditioner is optimal for your home, business or other building.

Airco Service is on Your Side

Our A/C experts are here to help with your loud AC unit.  Whether your system is making noise or has other problems, we’ve got you covered.  Give us a call at 918-252-5667 to find out more about how we can help.