Importance of a Licensed Electrician

Posted on: Feb 25, 2020

When it comes to electricity, every little detail matters a great deal. This is not the type of project the local handyman can handle. Nor should you attempt to tackle electrical problems, repairs, or replacement on your own. Only a licensed electrician with extensive experience working in this complicated field should attempt to perform repairs, replacement, or other work-related to a home or business’ electrical system. Here are a few reasons why there is the importance of a licensed electrician for your next project.

A Licensed Electrician Is Properly Certified

A license to work as an electrician is proof of certification. Each state requires its unique certification to work as an electrician. Hire Airco Service’s licensed electricians, and you will rest easy knowing only those who have trained for a specific number of hours and thoroughly understand state codes, as well as state regulations, are working on your home or business’ electrical system. 

State requirements for licensing are fairly strict, so you have reason to be 100% confident in Airco Service’s licensed electricians. Furthermore, if state requirements change, we provide our staff with the necessary training, education, and equipment to complete electrical work in full accordance with the law.

Ensure the Work Passes Inspection

An inspection should occur after any type of electrical work takes place at your property. If an in-depth inspection is not performed, your homeowner’s insurance policy might be invalid if a malfunction occurs. Furthermore, if you are thinking of selling your home, it must be inspected. 

This inspection includes a comprehensive analysis of the electrical system. Hire an Airco Service licensed electrician to ensure everything is fully up to code after the work is done. The peace of mind provided by knowing your electrical system will pass inspection is invaluable.

Assurance That Quality Standards Will Be Met

It is not enough to simply get the job done promptly. Quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to electrical work. If the job is not done properly, it could pose a fire hazard or require additional work down the line. 

Hire a licensed electrician from Airco Service and the job will be done correctly on the first try, ensuring the proper standard of quality is met.

Keep Your Home and Your Loved Ones Safe

The most important reason to rely on a licensed electrician is safety. Even a slight mistake when performing electrical work puts your safety, as well as the safety of your family members, pets, and home, in jeopardy. The bottom line is working with electrical systems is inherently dangerous. 

If the proper equipment, safety training, and expertise are not applied, there is a chance the system will result in a fire or electrical shock that has the potential to prove fatal. Hire Airco Service to handle your electrical system challenges, and you will rest easy knowing a team of electricians that truly understands the safety risks posed by this line of work are fully accounted for. 

We go out of our way to double-check our work, ultimately ensuring everyone and everything under your roof is completely safe. 

Airco Service Is on Your Side

Our licensed electricians are here to tackle your electrical challenges. We get the job done right on the first try safely and efficiently. 

If you are having any electrical problems, resist the temptation to attempt a DIY repair or ask the local neighborhood handyman for help. Instead, rely on our licensed electricians. Give us a call at 918.252.5667 to learn more about Airco Service and the importance of a licensed electrician and schedule an appointment.