Five AC Tips For the Changing Season – Airco Service

Posted on: Oct 08, 2019

At certain times of the year, predicting the temperature outside can be challenging. In the morning, it might feel chilly, but in the afternoon, it could feel like a warm summer’s day. For those months, when you are caught in HVAC limbo and can’t decide whether to keep the heat on or switch to AC, you need to know that your AC unit is working well. Here are a few simple but essential tips for the changing seasons to carry out for your AC maintenance.

1. Use a Programmable Thermostat

One of the best ways to keep up with weather conditions during the changing seasons is to upgrade your thermostat. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat can lead to better efficiency than you can get from an old, outdated one. 

Your home will benefit from a smarter and programmable thermostat that schedules your unit’s start and stop times; thus ensuring your AC is on only when needed. 

And, installing a programmable thermostat saves on utility bills while increasing your home’s comfort level. You can conveniently change the programmable thermostat as frequently as you wish to keep up with ever-changing outdoor temperatures. 

2. Ensure Vents are Free from Clutter

Every air conditioning unit is equipped with both return and intake vents. Return vents disperse air into every room in your home, whereas intake vents draw in air to the room. When a vent is blocked, your AC system will end up overworking to bring air in.

So, the second step you can take for AC maintenance is to ensure that your AC vents are free of dust build-up and debris by cleaning them as needed.  

3. Clean the Outdoor Unit

An AC unit placed outside can collect unwanted debris such as grass clippings, dust, or rodents’ nests. A dirty air conditioner will take more time and effort to cool down the Freon.

A unit running longer and harder will cause your utility bills to skyrocket, and could result in the breakdown of your AC unit. Therefore, make a point of cleaning your AC coils regularly to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. 

4. Incorporate Window Blinds and Curtains

One way to prevent overworking your AC unit while helping your home to stay cool is to use curtains and blinds. Window coverings help to keep a room cooler by blocking the sun’s heat from reaching into your home. 

5. Get an HVAC Maintenance and Service Plan

An HVAC maintenance plan offers you great value from a reliable and certified contractor. Your contractor will contact you when your AC unit needs maintenance and keep repairs to a minimum. 

HVAC maintenance plans should offer more than just an annual checkup. You should expect your plan to provide warranties, priority service, and excellent service. 

Bottom Line

With unpredictable weather, you need your HVAC systems to run well. Lack of proper AC maintenance will lead to frequent and expensive repairs or worse yet a broken unit.

Take these five tips for the changing seasons to keep efficiently running your AC unit so that you can be ready for any change in the weather.