Fall HVAC To-Do List – Airco Service

Posted on: Oct 10, 2019

Fall is here, and winter is just about to catch up. Don’t get caught by frigid temperatures. Make your fall HVAC to-do list a priority this season.

You want an air conditioner that will comfortably serve you in the cold days and nights without causing your energy bills to soar. Regular maintenance and timely repairs will help keep your unit operating at peak efficiency, and for that, you’ll need a professional.

The following is a fall HVAC to-do list that will help your system operate efficiently:

1. Check your AC filters.

It’s critical to inspect your air filters regularly. If you find that they’re dirty, change them as soon as you can. Dirty air filters make your HVAC less efficient. The air conditioner may start to run frequently, even when it’s not necessary. 

Straining your HVAC will cost you in the long run since you’ll have to repair it or replace it sooner. Make it a point to clean your AC every month, so you’re ready for the cold fall season. Don’t get caught unaware this fall. 

2. Keep your outdoor raked.

With all the leaves shedding off the trees, the chances of clogging your condenser escalate. Keep raking your property to reduce the chances of blocking the airflow. 

You and your family can enjoy maximum airflow from your AC, and you get to save on electrical and repair bills.

3. Check all the HVAC electrical connections.

Having an HVAC power issue when colder weather has already started is stressing. Most service providers are busy fixing other people’s systems, and you don’t want to wait in line.

Check all your electrical connections in time and wait for fall without worry.

4. Don’t ignore weird noises from your HVAC.

When your AC is running, be keen to listen to any unusual noise it might produce. If you catch any abnormalities in the sound your AC makes, it’s time to get help from reliable professionals. 

The noise shows that there could be loose bolts or a blockage in the airflow or vents. Having a professional from Airco Services inspect your AC and do the necessary repairs in fall might to save you possible trouble come winter.

5. Get professional help.

Proper expertise is needed to take good care of your HVAC. Changing a filter can be easy for you to do, but getting it done by an experienced professional can save you a lot of trouble.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems are made up of complex components. It may require a well-experienced technician to troubleshoot, maintain, repair, or replace the HVAC. Airco Services can offer you the best maintenance or preventative deals for your HVAC so that you can be comfortable through fall and winter.

6. Keep your house sealed.

Ensuring the doors and windows of your home are well sealed is an essential part of your to-do list this fall. The HVAC works to maintain some warmth in your house. If there are air leakages, the warmth won’t be trapped in the house.

Your system can keep running all day and barely achieve the optimal temperatures if air keeps leaking out and into the house. Your home will cool off quickly, and your HVAC will work hard to try to maintain the right temperatures. As a result, your energy bills will soar.


It’s easier to perform seasonal maintenance on your HVAC than to spend a lot of money replacing it. Don’t wait until consulting a professional is necessary. Instead, get one to service your HVAC to make sure your home stays comfortable. Contact Airco Service to keep your home cozy all fall at a very reasonable cost.