Why Does My AC System Run Constantly? – Airco Service

Posted on: Oct 03, 2019

When the temperature rises, does your electric bill spiral out of control? Do you notice that your air conditioner seems to run continuously? A standard AC unit should run for about 15 minutes per cycle on a typical sunny day. If yours is running all day or an hour per cycle, and there might be a significant issue. To prevent your cooling system from possible breakdown and reduce utility bills, you must find the root of the problem. For someone without expertise, this can be a tedious process. But the team of professionals at Airco Service have gathered five key areas to consider during your investigations.

Is your AC unit the right size for your home?

When you had your AC installed, you may not have purchased a correctly sized unit. You may have opted for one that’s a little smaller. If that’s the case, the unit will run more to try to keep up with your home’s cooling demands. With a small, overworked system, you are more likely to experience a breakdown. Achieving the desired temperatures for your home will be a struggle without the right equipment. This is why working with qualified professionals to select your home heating, and cooling equipment is essential – a trained HVAC engineer can advise you on whether your AC is right for the needs of your household.

Your Air Filter Might Need Changing

Your AC unit will seem to run just fine for longer than the recommended service interval, but this is precisely why you need to schedule essential maintenance, servicing, and routine filter changes accordingly. If you forget to change your filter in time, your HVAC system can lose function when you need it most. A clogged air filter forces the air handler to overwork to achieve the required temperature. Regular maintenance and service checks performed by a trained professional are essential to keeping your AC unit in optimal condition. You don’t want to find yourself stuck with an AC system that runs constantly.

Your Thermostat Settings Aren’t Ideal

Despite comfort being a priority, often budget dictates the temperature indoors. You can conserve energy (and save money) if you learn how to set your thermostat correctly. There are specific temperatures that are easier for your HVAC system to maintain efficiently. Prevent your AC from straining by balancing the outer and the inner temperature following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

It could be an abnormally hot day

Sometimes, your air conditioner may continuously be running because it’s an unusually warm day. It might be considered reasonable if you get the AC checked by an expert and they conclude that it’s functioning normally. Regular on/off cycling will resume when the temperature normalizes.

You May Have Inadequate insulation

A home that is not adequately sealed is likely to send the AC into overdrive. The AC might be doing an excellent job of cooling your home, but the temperature can’t stabilize due to poor insulation or leaks. If you are losing cold air due to air leaks, you may never attain the desired temperatures during summer or winter. Engaging the help of an HVAC expert is the best way to troubleshoot this situation.

Your air conditioner will never rest, and your bills will never go down unless you root out the cause of poor performance in the HVAC unit. If you’re ready to find the solution to your AC woes, the team at Airco Service is prepared to help – we’re only a phone call away. Reach out if your AC system runs constantly!