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Posted on: Oct 01, 2019

Plumbing problems are no laughing matter. While you might want to DIY (do-it-yourself), don’t. Failure to properly fix plumbing problems can quickly turn into a costly endeavor. You need to act fast when dealing with plumbing issues! Call 918.252.5667 for these and other issues:

Drain Backing-Up

Do you have a drain in the house that is currently backed-up? Perhaps water seems to be flowing out of the drain instead of down it. If this is happening to you, it’s critical to take care of it right away.

A backed-up drain can mean all sorts of things, from a localized blockage near the source to a clogged line running out of your house. If it isn’t handled right away, this backed up drain may push sewage into your shower, bathtub, or sink, and that’s not something you want to deal with at all. 

At the first signs of a backed-up or slowly flowing drain, you should contact a professional plumber. And if the drain flow is backing up into the sink or shower, stop using it altogether and wait for your plumber to arrive. 

Overflowing Toilet

Never put anything down the toilet that isn’t made to go down a toilet, like hygiene products and “flushable” wet-wipes. However, sometimes, too much toilet paper can cause a toilet clog. If you know what is causing the clog/overflow, you probably can correct it by using a plunger.

If the toilet is backing up and overflowing without any rhyme or reason, you’ll want to shut off the water running to the toilet. Stop flushing or pouring water down the toilet, and shut off the flow line on the wall behind the toilet. Then contact a plumber to have your toilet serviced. 

Dropped Valuables Down the Toilet

Is there any worse feeling than seeing a wedding ring drop into a flushing toilet? Your heart sinks right along with the water.

If you drop anything of value into the toilet (or a curious toddler flushes a toy), don’t do anything. Don’t flush it again, don’t pour water down the drain, and don’t try to fish it out. You might push it further down the drain.

Call Airco Service Inc. There’s a good chance whatever was flushed is stuck in the p-trap. (Because it’s heavier, it wouldn’t have flushed at the same speed as everything else.) Your plumber will be able to dismantle the drain or toilet and retrieve the item.

Contact Your Airco Plumbing Professionals

Whenever water is involved, a problem can quickly spiral out of control and cost thousands of dollars in repairs simply because you put off the fix. You should never ignore plumbing problems. If your residential or commercial property is experiencing any of these or other water issues, give your local plumbing pros at Airco Service Inc. a call or contact us.

When you want a certified, licensed, experienced plumber, Airco Service Inc. is here for you.