The Ongoing Need Of AC Maintenance Checks – Airco Service

Posted on: Sep 26, 2019

If your home’s air quality or temperature isn’t where you want it, it could be because your cooling system hasn’t been adequately maintained. Giving your cooling system ac maintenance checkups is one way to make sure the air in your home is always where you want it. If you don’t know how to check your AC unit properly, call Airco Service for professional help and guidance. 

What are some of the reasons why the upkeep of an AC unit is essential? 

One of the main reasons why the upkeep of your cooling system is necessary is it helps keep energy costs down. Another reason is keeping the air conditioner clean provides quality air conditions in your home for breathing and living. Lastly, it prolongs the life of your cooling system and prevents unexpected cooling system purchases in the future. It’s essential to have regular maintenance checkups yearly so you can plan when you might need to replace your cooling system. This way, you can prepare for the added costs to fit your budget and can keep the air quality and temperature in your home right where it needs to be.

What occurs during an air conditioner maintenance checkup? 

  • Checking filters to see if they need replacing or cleaning
  • Inspecting the refrigerant charge to make sure it’s able to cool the air in your home properly
  • Testing the cooling unit’s coils for any damages and for any debris that needs to be cleaned away from them so to work properly
  • Inspecting the unit for any abnormal noises that could potentially mean the cooling unit is failing and in need of repairing or replacing
  • Changing the oil in the motor if your AC unit has one that requires oil
  • Checking the voltage charge on the system to make sure it’s receiving the proper amount of energy to run appropriately
  • Checking for appropriate levels of airflow through the air ducts to make sure they are adequately vented throughout the home
  • Looking over electrical wires to make sure they’re connected properly and working safely
  • Inspection the condensation drains to make sure they drain properly

What are some end thoughts to keep in mind for your air conditioner maintenance? 

If you feel like your AC isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, or the air quality in your home is poor, causing breathing issues; it’s time for a cooling system checkup. Remember, a poorly functioning AC unit can create not only poor air conditions but also high energy bills. If you want always to have quality air in your home, call Airco Service to help with yearly ongoing ac maintenance checkups.