3 Reasons To Get A Slow Hot Water Tank Checked

Posted on: May 20, 2019

Have you noticed it seems to take forever for hot water to come out of your shower? Maybe you turn the faucet on and have to let it run for a few minutes before the desired temperature is reached. Or maybe you’ve cranked the hot water temperature upright on the tank and it still isn’t hot enough. Whatever the exact issue is you need to have your hot water tank checked by Airco Service. In fact, here are three reasons why you need to take care of this issue right now.

Costing You Money

A slow hot water tank means your water tank is aging and not running as efficiently as possible. When an appliance no longer runs as efficiently it is costing you money. In the case of a hot water heater, you have both water and either gas or electricity running through the appliance. This means you’re paying more for at least two utilities. If the water tank takes several minutes to heat up, that can really become expensive. By having your water tank checked you can have this issue adjusted, which will save you all money on every single utility bill you receive.

There Might Be A Leak

If it is taking your hot water heater longer to heat up, it means there might actually be a water leak somewhere. When water is leaking out of your tank or out of the plumbing connected to the tank it is not only costing you money with the wasted water, but the leak itself can cause serious damage to your home. Often the water leak starts out small, which means water might be dripping slowly behind a wall or somewhere else in the house. You may not even realize it, but as the water drips it will deteriorate the surrounding material while also developing mold.

Mold development is a serious problem and one of which you need to have corrected sooner rather than later. Mold will lead to significant air quality problems and can make people inside your household sick. So, avoid these kinds of problems by having your water heater inspected and corrected.

Determine If You Need a Repair or Replacement Water Tank

If your hot water tank is running slowly, it means there is something wrong with it. Often times the issue is on the minor side and there may just need to be a small replacement part installed into the water tank. On the other hand, if you have an older water tank it may be time to have the entire system replaced with a new tank. The thing is you may not know what is going on until you have it inspected. The professionals at Airco Service Inc. can come out to your home and inspect the appliance to determine what is causing the issue. Once the issue is identified you can either have your water tank repaired or replaced.

By knowing what is causing the issue you’ll be able to save money and avoid future problems with your hot water tank. All of this is possible with the help of Airco Service Inc.

A slow hot water tank will cost you hundreds of dollars annually due to the extra electricity and water usage. By having this corrected you will save money and boost your level of enjoyment inside the house. If you end up replacing your hot water tank the property value will go up as well. So, if you are experiencing any kind of slow water tank issues, make sure to contact the team at Airco Service Inc. at your earliest convenience.