3 Ways Properly Installed Insulation Cuts Down Your Electric Bill

Posted on: May 22, 2019

When you insulate your home properly, it can cut down your electric bills greatly. Most of the people know that your electric bill piles up during summer or winter. This is because you need the energy to cool your home or keep it warm. When you have an awful insulation process, you find that you will be using a lot of energy to maintain an ideal temperature.

1. Roof and Loft

Warm and hot air rises as everybody knows from the basic middle school knowledge. When warm air in your home rises and finds that there is an opening space in the attic, roof or the loft, the air will move outside and allow cool air to get in the house. This will require the use of more energy to keep the house warm as cold air will keep on getting in the house. If you want to reduce the cost of heating your house during the cold winter insulating the attic and loft area will be a great idea. When the area is insulated, you will notice that you can conserve more heat in your home. The attic area when properly insulated allows for the transfer of heat and it works great during summer as it maintains the normal house temperatures and does not allow heat transfer. This ensures that you don’t use a lot of energy cooling your house during summer.

2. Insulating the Cavity and Solid Walls

Solid walls and cavity walls can contribute to heat loss from your home. Heat is lost via convection and conduction, and this increases the heating bills as you will have to use more energy to warm your house. For you to maintain your house temperature, it is advisable that you insulate your walls as this will prevent heat loss. Use a professional constructor to insulate your wall as this will be safe, and you won’t damage any electrical lines. Although, if you love a DIY project you can join your constructor and enjoy working together this will guarantee that the contractor does a great job. A good insulation project ensures that the temperature in your home is maintained.

3. Draft-Proofing

Most people forget to insulate their windows and doors. They assume that it has zero effect on the temperature of the home. On the contrary, your windows and doors allow a draft to get in the home. This will cause air transfer from the inside to the outside of your home. When your house is warm during winter, cold air rushes in through the sides of the window and doors. The same thing happens during summer when you are trying to keep the temperature cool inside your home, warm air blows in your house. Draft proofing your home can prevent the transfer of warm and cold air in and out of your house. This is the most effective way to save energy in your home under a budget. Since you don’t require a lot of insulation material to ensure that your home windows and doors are insulated. Hire a professional contractor to insulate your windows and doors opening spaces and ensure that the house maintains its temperature.

Maintaining the ideal temperature in your home can be a challenge especially during the summer or winter season. For this reason, you need to know some insulation tips that will help you reduce your electric bills. Hire Airco services to insulate your home and ensure that your home temperature is well maintained.