Top 10 Plumbing Problems To Not Ignore

Posted on: May 15, 2019

Plumbing problems come in all shapes and sizes. Some of these issues are minor and can be corrected on your own. For those you are not able to correct the right the problem on your own, you need to bring in professionals to do it for you. This is because when you ignore plumbing issues it can result in more serious problems, such as mold growth, burst pipes, and wasted water (which is both damaging and expensive). While you should never ignore any plumbing problem, here are 10 of the top plumbing problems you need to make sure and correct, either on your own or with the aid of a service provider like Airco Service Inc. 

1. No Hot Water

The lack of hot water is likely connected to a number of problems. It may mean your water heater isn’t working or there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Whatever the cause is, no hot water may mean something more serious, so you need to have it looked into right away. 

2. Leaking Water Heater

A leaky water heater likely means you need a new one. If the water heater is leaking, it’s just a matter of time before water begins to pool out and develop mold in your basement or utility room. It also reduces the energy efficiency of your water heater, which increases the cost every time you need hot water. 

3. Clogged Drains

Clogged drains may seem basic, but it can lead to serious problems. From leaks that develop a mold to burst pipes, clogged drains should not be ignored. You might be able to perform some plumbing basics, but if not give Airco Service Inc. a call. 

4. Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet may be a simple fix. You might only need to swap out a broken seal or gasket. Failure to correct the problem though can result in hundreds of dollars down the drain every year. Don’t let this issue linger for long. 

5. Toilet Leaking

You never want to deal with a leaking toilet, so make sure to have it addressed as quickly as possible. 

6. Garbage Disposal Not Working

If the garbage disposal isn’t working, it can be anything from a general clog to a blown motor. Whatever the issue it will result in a funky smell in your kitchen (plus a clogged sink). 

7. Installing New Fixtures

Some fixtures can be installed easily with some plumbing basics, you shouldn’t have a problem. However, other times the fixture installation can be complex. If you need help with installing fixtures, give Airco Service Inc. a call.

8. Problems with the Main Water Line

Never put off problems with the main line. A leaking main line can cause issues with the foundation of your house. Cracked or sinking foundations may cost you tens of thousands of dollars to fix. So, don’t mess around and bring a professional right away. 

9. Running Toilet

While a dripping faucet may waste a few gallons of water a day, a running toilet can waste hundreds of gallons a day. Thankfully, a running toilet can usually be corrected with some plumbing basics. 

10. Water Leak

A water leak will develop mold, damage drywall, and wood, while potentially costing you thousands of dollars in later repairs. So, have it addressed as early as possible. 

With some plumbing basics you may be able to correct a handful of these plumbing problems. However, if you don’t feel comfortable performing the plumbing basics at home, what you did do didn’t work, or you want to make sure the job is taken care of the very first time, Airco Service Inc. is here to help. All you need to do is give the team a call and your plumbing problems will be taken care of.