5 Benefits of Changing Your Air Filter

Posted on: May 13, 2019

Excellent air flow in your home allows proper ventilation in the house. Additionally, it reduces the amount of energy used to run your HVAC system. When your house has excellent airflow, it ensures that you are getting enough amount of oxygen in all the rooms.

1. Increased air flow

Having a dirty air filter can slow down the air flow of your home, and this may make the air conditioner to work harder to provide cool air in the house. Debris and dirt can get caught in the air flow, which might reduce the amount of air flowing in your home. For home efficiency and maintenance, you need to hire a professional to help clean the air filters. A working air filter ensures that the house is adequately ventilated and that there is enough air flow.

2. Prevents you from getting allergies

Some people are allergic to dust, pollen grains, and any other contaminant. A clean working filter helps in air circulation, and it traps the dust, dirt and pollen grains. This ensures that there is enough oxygen getting in the house. Additionally, a clean air filter will ensure that your home gets fresh air that is free from any allergens and pollen grains. Especially during summer, it’s advisable that you keep a clean air filter and enjoy excellent airflow in your home. For improved home efficiency, you should check your air filter every three months.

3. Prolong the life span of your system

When the HVAC system is not well maintained it may break down and cause you so much trouble. Repairing or replacing the air conditioner can be very expensive, hence the need to ensure that the air filters are clean. If the interior of your system keeps building up dust and dirt, it might be costly to repair it in the end. Always ensure that you have replaced the air filters regularly to allow proper air flow. Additionally, this will ensure that you don’t waste money repairing your system once it breaks down.

4. Saves on energy use

A clean air filter can reduce the amount of energy that is used for running the HVAC system. Since the system needs to work harder when the air filter is dirty, this makes it use a lot of energy. When the system uses a lot of energy to run, the electricity bill piles up. For this reason, you find that you are using a lot of money on air conditioner and heating of your home. When the air filters are clean, they allow proper air flow; hence the system won’t work hard to cool or warm you’re home.

5. A clean air filter is environmentally friendly

When the air filters are dirty and clogged, the system needs more energy to run and operate correctly. This makes the system use more electricity which is harming the environment as well as costly. Additionally, there is increased the release of the greenhouse gases which can harm the environment and cause global warming. Maintain a clean air filter can prevent all this from happening and ensure that your house receives enough air flow. Taking the time to change the air filter regularly is one of the home efficiency methods that help you save on the amount of electricity you use in your home.


Changing your air filter is a home efficiency method that ensures that your house gets proper air flow and ventilation without harming the environment. If you want to find a company that will change your air filter and gives you excellent service, you can try the AirCo services.