HVAC Maintenance You Can Perform At Home | Airco Service Tips

Posted on: Sep 21, 2017

Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance is important. By bringing in a professional you can identify problems before the issue festers into a far more substantial (and costly) problem.

However, while annual HVAC maintenance performed by professionals such as the team at Airco Service is necessary, there are still forms of maintenance you can take care of on your own. Here are the different HVAC maintenance tips you can, and should, implement into your household.

Change the Filters

This is something you need to do at least every three months (do it every two if you own pets, smoke, or have allergies).

By changing the filters on your HVAC system, you improve air flow and reduce potential blockage in the vents. If you suffer from allergies, smoke, or have any pets that live inside the house, there are filters specially designed for your particular airborne needs.

Clean the Air Intake Vents

Make sure to clean off the air intake vents. You don’t need to clean the entire system perfectly, simply running your vacuum’s wand over the vent to collect the dust and other debris will help.  In the long term, this will reduce the dust your air filters collect, allowing the filters to last longer and at operate at a much greater efficiency.

Replace Thermostat Batteries

This is something you need to do once a year. It is a good idea to change out the thermostat batteries around the same time that you change the smoke detector batteries. With weak batteries, your thermostat system will begin to run worse and worse. This results in the furnace or AC kicking off and on without regularity, which in turn costs you more in electricity.

Check Around Windows and Doors

Any issues with the stripping in your windows, such as cracks and general problems will lead to drafts, which greatly reduce the efficiency of your home’s entire HVAC system. To remedy this, fill in the cracks with caulk, and consider replacing the door’s weather stripping if the damage is bad enough.

Anything beyond routine requires annual professional inspections. Airco can correct minor problems, and identify potential issues early on that will save you money in the long term, as well as improve your overall energy efficiency. So, when it comes to your annual maintenance or you find yourself in need of additional repair services, make sure to contact the pros at Airco Service today.