Tips to Follow for Effective Heat Pump Maintenance

Posted on: Sep 26, 2017

Among the things that homeowners have in common, is ignorance regarding preventative maintenance.  Homeowners feel as though it is not something that they need to do, or they simply forget about it.  Keeping preventative maintenance top of mind is imperative.  As you head towards winter, it is pivotal that you check your heat pump system before the onset of the cold weather as you will rely mostly on it.

Inspection of the Indoor Unit

Start with a full review of the indoor unit. The purpose is to check the working conditions of the unit, starting from the air filter to the electrical connections. Follow the steps below for proper heat pump maintenance;

  • Clean the coil if need be for proper heat pump maintenance.
  • Clean or replace dirty air filter
  • Check out if there are any loose connections in electrical wires and tighten as they could cause the system to overheat.
  • Relubricate the blower motor, the bearings and all parts that need lubrication as lubricants deteriorate over the years.
  • The coil, the drain line, all are areas where you need to pay attention carefully from a maintenance perspective.

Maintenance Plans and the Benefits

There is a lot to benefit from getting your indoor heat pump on a quality maintenance program.  Our team has specialized in these programs for years, and the goal is to establish routine maintenance on the calendar for you when you need it. Our  maintenance plans, include inspections, tune-ups, etc. If something that needs attention is identified, we act quickly to take care of it before it turns into a repair need.

Heat pump maintenance plans should be given a lot of attention and our team here at Airco Service, Inc. has years of knowledge and experience to handle all of your HVAC needs. Schedule us online for maintenance needs or inquire about the available maintenance plans.