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Posted on: Sep 19, 2017

Having a backup power generator is a great way to ensure you always are protected, even in the event of a major storm or city power outage. When the power goes out for more than just a few hours, you risk having food spoil. You also risk missing out on work due to no Wi-Fi, and staying up on the latest news becomes challenging without access to Internet or television (as few homes have AM/FM radios on standby now). A Generac Generator is an excellent home addition to provide this backup power. Of course, it needs to be correctly installed to ensure proper functionality. With the help of Airco Service, this is possible.

Optimal Power Options

When it comes to selecting the right backup power generator, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. There are many different options to choose from in terms of power size. The right power generator for your home depends on a few variables. The first question is, how large is your home? The larger the home, the more powerful the generator needs to be. The second variable to consider is what appliances and electronics you want to be connected to the generator. You may only want the refrigerator, HVAC system and a few other basics connected. Other times, you may want the entire house connected to the generator. With the help of professionals such as Airco Service, you’ll be able to identify the best backup solution for your power needs.


Installing the backup power generator requires running the system directly to the main line of your home while connecting the desired appliances and rooms of the house to the generator. This is not something you should do on your own as it is complicated and dangerous. After you have selected the best Generac Generator for your home, Airco Service is able to perform the installation. This way, you know it will be ready for use should you ever need it.

Installing a backup power generator is an excellent way to make sure your appliances and electronics always have power, no matter what the issue is. With the help of Airco Service, you can have a Generac Generator or other system installed. So if you have questions about backup generators, are curious about what the right option is for your home or are ready to setup a service time, make sure to contact Airco Service today.