Commercial Heating & Cooling Needs | Airco Service

Posted on: Sep 14, 2017

Maintaining a comfortable temperature for your place of business is important. It helps keep employees comfortable, which in turn boosts work productivity. However, your HVAC system may also be one your major monthly business expenses. Due to this, you need to find ways to improve your commercial heating and cooling efficiencies. This way, you’ll see a reduction in energy costs throughout the course of the entire year. Airco Service is here to offer expert assistance for commercial heating and cooling needs, so if you’re ready to upgrade your current system, the pros at Airco are here to help.

Geothermal Opportunities

One of the best ways to potentially cut down on energy consumption within your commercial facility is to take advantage of geothermal systems. These heat pumps pull warm and cool air from the ground, directly below your facility. During the colder months of the year, warmer air sits in the ground below, while the opposite is true during the warmer months. While this is not enough to completely rely on, a geothermal heat pump is an excellent way to reduce your reliance on expensive, electric furnaces and AC units. So keep this in mind when it comes to upgrading your system.

Know Your Building Size

When installing new AC equipment within your commercial facility, it is important to know the square footage of the building. From here, it becomes possible to select the right configuration for your hardware. If you purchase an AC system that is designed for a smaller building, the system will struggle to maintain a desired temperature, not to mention it will fail on you faster. If you go with a larger system, you’re overspending for equipment you don’t need, and it will increase energy consumption. By working with the professionals at Airco Service, you’ll be able to identify the right HVAC system for the size of your business.

Programmable Thermostat

Just like in your home, a programmable thermostat has the ability to save your business hundreds of dollars annually, all by properly programming the new thermostat.

It doesn’t matter if you have a question regarding the current setup of your HVAC system or if you are interested in cutting energy costs and implementing a new, energy efficient heating and cooling setup for your place of business. Whatever concern you might have, pick up the phone and give Airco Service a call today.