The Most Common Causes of Home Plumbing Problems | OKC

Posted on: Jul 06, 2017

You can avoid many common household plumbing problems by staying mindful of what items you flush down your toilets and put down your sinks. Unfortunately, even the most careful homeowner cannot prevent every clog. If your drain fails to move water properly, you should take advantage of Airco Service, Inc.’s exceptional plumbing services. Along with our high quality products, excellent customer service, and prices that fit every budget, we’re here to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to help you discover which solution is best for your plumbing problem.

Common Causes Of Home Plumbing Problems You Can Avoid

  • Bathroom Sink Clogs: Many of your daily grooming habits can create sink clogs. Hair clogs are a common problem; however, few realize that all hair can produce buildups. While long hairs can become tangled in the pipe, smaller hairs from shaving can cling to the side of the drain and inhibit water flow. Additionally, soap and toothpaste can bind the hair together and develop a clog. If other foreign items are rinsed down the drain (food particles or debris, for example), that can become a recipe for plumbing services.
  • Clogged Toilets: Common toilet clogs form because what you’ve flushed, for instance feminine hygiene products or pre-moistened diaper wipes, is unable to successfully break apart. Though a plunger can help to loosen and pull out a clog, this is only a short-term solution. For the best long-term results, dispose of these non-flushable materials properly.
  • Kitchen Sink Clogs: Cooking grease, oil, and soap can bind together within the walls of your plumbing. Add in food particles, especially foods like rice and bread that expand in water, and your kitchen sink can develop a significant clog that requires professional attention. If available, always use your garbage disposal or a sink drain protector to control what goes into the drain.

Clogs are common and even the most responsible homeowner can find themselves with a backed up toilet or sink. When you discover a clog, or other plumbing problems, contact the professionals Airco Service, Inc. Our friendly staff will find the right plumbing services for you and return your pipes to working order. Whether you have an immediate issue that needs our attention, or if you’d simply like more information regarding plumbing within the house, feel free to contact Airco Services, Inc., the company Oklahoma families have relied on for over 50 years.