Keys to Achieving an Energy Efficient Home | Airco Service

Posted on: Jul 07, 2017

Are you struggling to keep energy bills down during extreme weather seasons? Paying high energy bills often cuts into the things that families would rather spend money on, such as vacations, entertainment, and education. Saving money on energy will allow you to put more into savings, investments and emergency funds. Here are steps toward a more energy efficient home, resulting in lower costs.

Seasonal Tips

Consider to following ways to use the heater less often, at least during certain times of the day, to save energy during the colder months.

  • Wear warmer clothing
  • Use the fireplace for heating
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Restrict heating to rooms you use

The following tips will help you keep AC costs down during the summer months:

  • Wear lighter clothing
  • Use ceiling fans for cooling
  • Use fewer electronics and lighting during the day
  • Invest in window coverings that keep out sunlight

Proper Insulation 

One of the major factors influencing the energy efficiency of any building structure is effective insulation. It prevents heat loss during the winter months and ensures cooler temperatures in the summer. Your ceilings, doors, walls, and floor need to be free from any leaks. Insulation prevents warm air from escaping during the winter and keeps cool air inside in the warmer months.

Air leakages cause people to overuse their HVAC systems, leading to higher energy bills. Adding proper insulation to your home will lead to greater energy efficiency and lower energy bills. As a bonus, it will act as a sound barrier too, limiting disturbances from outside noise. Efficient insulation alone can have a dramatic effect on establishing an energy efficient home.

Clean Air Filters

Every air conditioning system needs to be serviced periodically to ensure that the system is functioning optimally with clean filters.
Air filters can collect dirt, dust, and debris that clog the system within a matter of weeks. A clogged system limits clean air from flowing freely through the AC. Air filters that are seldom replaced pose a health hazard because it can spread indoor air pollution.

Cleaning the air filters often will extend the life of your HVAC system. Keeping the system clean will lower your maintenance costs, although it’s still a good idea to have your overall system inspected once in awhile to make sure everything works properly.

An energy efficient home keeps more money in your pocket to spend on the important things in life!