What AC Installation is Right For You? | Airco Service | HVAC

Posted on: Jun 29, 2017

Sitting through the long Tulsa summers without air conditioning is not recommended. In fact, it can become especially dangerous to go without AC. That is why it’s necessary to look into available AC installation Tulsa services for your home. There are different options available, so it really comes down to your current home and what sort of system you’re interested in.

Central Air

If you already have a ventilation system running through your home, central air may be your best option.. A new central AC unit can replace an old, outdated system. It can also be connected to some ventilation systems, even if you don’t have an AC currently installed.

However, if there is no ventilation system running through your home, you may find you’re better off going with a different AC configuration instead of this option.

Ductless AC

One of the best options available is a ductless AC. With a ductless AC, you don’t need to have any large ventilation systems installed in your home. Furthermore, even if you already have vents and ducts running through your home, you can still go ductless.

Ductless systems put individual controls within every home. This way, you’re able to control the temperature of every single room. This allows you to save money by not cooling off certain rooms with little to no foot traffic.

Night Breeze

This is the latest form of AC. It also works exceptionally well in the Tulsa climate. With this system, there’s a full house run fan and AC unit that works with an indirect water heater. During the summer, the system takes in as much of the cool outdoor air as it can (typically during the evening) and uses it to run the unit throughout the day. It does the opposite during the winter and takes in the warmer air.

This is similar to a geothermal configuration with how it derives hot and cold temperatures from the air. It’s an extensive setup for your home, but it’s also the most energy efficient and will improve the temperature of your home year-round.

No matter the kind of AC installation Tulsa service you’re interested in, Airco Service can assist you with your air conditioning needs. So whether you have a question about available options or want to schedule an in-home consultation, make sure to contact the professionals at Airco Service today.