Most Common Residential Electrical Problems

Posted on: Jun 27, 2017

Electrical problems come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re both more common AND more dangerous than many people realize. Whenever you run into a power problem within your home, your best bet is to first consult a professional, certified residential electrician. This way, you don’t have to worry about recurrences or cascading problems – you know the issue will be correctly identified and the repair work will be done right the first time. Here are just a few of the malfunctions a residential electrician might help you to solve.

Dead Power Outlet

Do you have a power outlet that doesn’t send electricity to connected devices? This might be due to a wiring issue within the outlet. Wiring problems can lead to electrical shortages and fires, so you need to have this issue corrected quickly. You may also want to have a new GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlet installed. This way, if there is ever a power surge, you can protect your outlets and connected equipment from damage.

Breaker Constantly Tripping

If your breaker is repeatedly being tripped with no explanation, something is amiss. If you are not overloading the circuit, it means that there may be a defect in your breaker or in your house’s wiring in general. Problems like these can can be quite serious depending on the root cause, so consider getting that professionally identified for safety’s sake.

Warm Switch

Is the electrical switch surprisingly warm when you go to turn on the light? If so, it means it is generating heat, and it shouldn’t do that. This can be caused from your electrical system touching objects like insulation or wooden frames behind the switch, which can lead to an electrical fire. This particular problem is considered urgent and should be looked after as soon as possible.

High Electrical Bill

Does your electrical bill seem higher than normal? There are a host of potential reasons for this, ranging from an inefficient HVAC system to electricity running out of a damaged outlet. Some culprits are more serious than others, but either way, you need to diagnose and correct the problem to save on your monthly utility bill; doing so could save you thousands of dollars in future expenses.

If you are currently experiencing any of these common residential electrical issues, contact Airco Service of Tulsa, Oklahoma today!