Keep Your Customers Cool With Airco Service Commercial

Posted on: May 26, 2016


Summers are getting hotter, and not having a properly working air conditioning unit can make them miserable for those who suffer from respiratory conditions. Don’t let the heat drive your customers away. Leave all your commercial air conditioning repair needs to Airco Service, Inc. They will keep your unit running, install a new one, and perform routine maintenance that is guaranteed.

Why Choose Airco Services

This award winning family business has been providing commercial air conditioning repair to Oklahoma businesses since 1961. Their trained technicians make sure your unit is installed or repaired before departing. If you prefer a certain model, Airco Service, Inc., has the top name brands and models so you don’t have to settle for a unit you don’t like. When the installation or repair is complete on your unit, the technicians will not only clean up any mess that’s created, but your unit is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

Your service call will be answered immediately. Technicians will always arrive at the time you have scheduled them to visit your business, and since they will provide service to you year round, 24/7, you can set up an appointment that works with your schedule. There’s no need to worry about a shortage of technicians or trucks. They have the highest number of service vehicles available of any commercial air conditioning repair company in Oklahoma.

Extra Mile Services Offered

Along with receiving guaranteed services and units repaired and installed by trained technicians, you will also be offered a comprehensive routine maintenance plan program called Planned Service. This is a program designed to provide you with a thorough service check that will keep your unit running in optimal condition so that your electric bills stay low.

If you need an estimate, you can call Airco Service, Inc. or visit their website to request one. When your commercial air conditioning repair costs end up being more than you can afford at the moment, there are various financing options available to you to help with pricier services. They collaborate with multiple financial institutions that can offer specialized terms and programs to suit your desired accommodations.

A failing or inoperable air conditioning unit should not hamper your business. As soon as you discover there is a problem, it’s time to give Airco Service, Inc. a call. A certified technician will examine your unit and perform any necessary commercial air conditioning repair tasks.