Professional Maintenance Is Vital for your Air Conditioner

Posted on: May 31, 2016

professional air conditioner maintenance

When you schedule AC service this summer, a knowledgeable and reputable company to maintain your cooling system goes a long way toward improving its performance and durability. Airco Service, a local family-owned company has been providing trusted HVAC services for Oklahoma City-area homeowners since 1961.

We’ve earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, along with top honors from national, state and local organizations associated with this industry. The U.S. Department of Energy awarded us with their Energy Star Century Club designation and the Energy Solutions Center presented us with their Partnership Award for innovation.

What It Means for You

Our goal is to bring your A/C system as close to its original factory specifications as possible, which improves its energy efficiency, durability and dependability. You benefit as a consumer by paying less for your cooling this summer, and knowing that your system is not likely to fail when you most need it. If your cooling system has an active warranty, the coverage may depend on professional maintenance as well.

What’s Included

When we service your cooling system, we check the refrigerant level, clean all parts of the system and lubricate the motors and electrical connections. Each of these steps enhances its energy efficiency. The inspection may reveal small problems that could magnify down the road that our technicians can remedy before they result in loss of use or a high repair bill.

We check the airflow and visually inspect the ductwork to determine the integrity of the ductwork. Leaking ducts contribute to high energy bills and degrade indoor air quality. Measuring the refrigerant level is vital to system performance, since too little or too much harms your system and increases energy consumption.

Deep cleaning the system removes dust that acts as insulation. It also slows the flow of electricity through the wiring and electrical components that increase energy usage and may cause overheating. Clean coils speed up the cooling process and prevent serious mechanical failures when the system is running frequently.

For more information about AC service or you’d like to schedule yours, please contact Airco Service, providing trusted HVAC services for OKC area homeowners.