Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

Posted on: May 24, 2016

central air

With the warmer weather, it’s time to consider effective and efficient home cooling. Professional AC installation can help keep your home comfortable in the heat and provide more effective cooling than window AC units. Central air also has the potential to improve the air quality inside your home.

Whole-house cooling

Window units can only cool one room at a time and those designed for larger rooms tend to run for long periods to keep a space comfortable. Central air conditioning with professional installation uses existing air ducts and vents in each room to pump cool air into it just as your furnace pumps warm air through during the colder months. As the return-air ducts pull ambient air from the room, it’s then brought into the central air unit, which filters the air helping to remove allergens, dust, lint, pet dander and pollen. Returning that filtered, cooled air into the rooms can help everyone breathe easier as they beat the heat. The constant supply of cooled, clean air is something that window units can’t provide.

Quieter and less conspicuous

Even window units that advertise being quieter still make noise with their blower and the sound of the cooling compressor and eventually all tend to rattle in their housings. Also, window units are obvious and unsightly as they stick out of windows or walls. Fortunately, professional installation of central units eliminates the indoor noise and exterior blemishes of window units. The central air unit receives installation outside the home and makes far less noise than compact window units. A professional can install a central air unit next to or behind the house where it can’t be seen from the road, which eliminates the unattractive sight of window units and allows you to see out all your windows unobstructed.

Easy operation

It’s easy to control central air from your thermostat and the option of single zone or multiple zone control allows you to adjust the cooling for different areas of your home. With a programmable thermostat, your unit only runs when needed and this saves energy. Maintaining a central air unit requires covering in the cold weather and periodic inspections from experts in AC.

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