Choose the Right Contractor for Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Posted on: Apr 05, 2016

Commercial HVAC

As a commercial property owner, you understand it is vital to maintain a comfortable working environment year round. Therefore, quality HVAC services are what you need. However, note that simply because an HVAC contractor is popular does not suggest that they are the perfect fit for your facility.

Replacing an older system can quickly lead to better performance. But if an inexperienced contractor is selected, repairs may take long, and the system may be less than satisfactory. It is necessary to hire the right contractor for a positive experience. Choosing the right contractor is a concept you need to master. Researching may mean getting a solid and professionally repaired AC, or getting ripped off.

First, affirm that the HVAC contractor has proper certification and licensing to work on commercial units. That will highlight that the professional is familiar with all models and makes and has the right equipment.

Has the contractor served the same purpose in other commercial properties? 

Commercial air conditioning repair differs largely from residential services. Usually, a packaged unit holds all components of the cooling and heating system of the business. It is largely different from the split system residential ACs. This is the reason you need professional commercial repair contractors who can spot all components with ease. Find out if the HVAC Company can offer you repair services in the future. You should locate their contact details easily.

Your system should never be replaced with the same type of unit

The average unit lasts for about 10-15 years. A professional contractor will recommend various options to increase the efficiency of your home. If they recommend an older model, they could be unloading some of their inventory. If you intend to check the consumer ratings of the contractor, the Better Business Bureau is a great platform to double check. The site should highlight consumer complaints against your preferred company.

The surety bond and the license are major requirements, but it will be crucial to check if the contractor has necessary permits. Be sure that the contractor has enough experience with the repair of your system to prevent future technical problems. Keep all correspondence in writing starting with the initial inquiry. Instead of calling, it is necessary to send an email directly to the company because it is easier to track promises and conversations. For commercial air conditioning repair services in Tulsa, OK and Oklahoma, contact us today.