Thermostat problems: How to fix a broken thermostat

Posted on: Mar 31, 2016


Thermostat problems: How to fix a broken thermostat

Your air conditioner has just stopped working. On checking it, you find that the fault entirely lies on the broken thermostat. While hiring a HVAC professional is the best way to go, you may consider fixing the thermostat on your own. Fixing a thermostat is one of the do-it-yourself tasks that will save you repair fees if the following steps are followed:

Dismount the faulty thermostat

First, remove the faceplate covering the thermostat by hand. As you loosen the mounting screws to dismount the thermostat from the wall, check out that no single screw gets lost. Also, ensure that the wires connected to the thermostat don’t fall between the walls. You can do this by gripping them with one hand as you remove the screws with the other hand.

Fix the wires

As you fix the replacement thermostat, attach the wires correctly. Ensure the wires are fully clean by scraping the exposed parts using a utility knife until they shine. Ensure the new thermostat matches its voltage and electrical rating with the faulty one. If a thermostat is not compatible with the heating system, its performance is adversely affected. Once you’ve mounted the new thermostat, tape up all openings to stop cold air entering the inside walls since it may affect the thermostat’s performance.

Check wire connections

Each wire should be inflexibly attached to the mounting screws. Tighten any loose connections using a screwdriver. With a proper connection of the wires, the new thermostat should run normally after fixing it. If it does not work, recheck the connection of wires. If the problem lies with the furnace, check out the red and white wires. If the air conditioning system isn’t kicking on, check the red and green wires.

Adjust temperature settings

Set the temperature settings to the desired levels. If the new thermostat turns the air conditioner on and off, then you can return the faceplate back into its position.

If your air conditioner has a faulty thermostat, follow these steps for a quick fix. If the problem persists, look for a professional expert. For residents of Tulsa, Ok and Oklahoma Cities, make Airco Service Contractors your preferred choice. Our team of professional contractors provides quality and satisfactory HVAC repairs and services to our esteemed clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.