Improve HVAC Energy Efficiency

Posted on: Apr 07, 2016

energy efficiency

HVAC systems are among the largest consumers of energy in today’s households. Actually, some estimations place the average house hold’s use of energy for HVAC at roughly 50%. Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to reduce this drastic consumption, and save a significant amount of money on electric bills. Here is how to improve energy efficiency on your HVAC system.

Change the Air Con Filter Regularly

A dirty filter slows down your air-conditioning unit, making it work harder. This will increase the energy used and also wears out your equipment quicker. Consider cleaning and changing the filter after every 1-2 months to enhance HVAC efficiency.

Install a Thermostat

By installing a programmable thermostat, you’ll definitely minimize the amount of energy you’re using. A thermostat will enable your switch off or minimize usage at different times during the day, including when you are not home.

Seal Cooling/Heating Ducts

Cooling and heating ducts in your system are big energy wasters, and hence insulating and sealing them will result in HVAC savings. Besides sealing the seams, also insulate them to avert too much heat during the summer and cold in the winter. This can help enhance your HVAC energy efficiency by as much as 20%.

Turn Down the Heat

Carbon Trust claims that lowering your heating by only 1 degree Celsius can potentially cut down your annual heating bill by 8%. Turn down the temperature to the lowest level that you’re comfortable with.

Turn the Air-Con Level Up

Your heating and cooling systems shouldn’t be competing against each other, as this is a definite way to waste energy. To minimize consumption, you can increase the air-con activation temperature to only start when your house hits 24 degrees or above – you will minimize energy consumption.


HVAC systems are normally expensive to run, and they are known to account for about 50% of your energy bill. Therefore, follow the aforementioned tips on how to improve energy efficiency for your HVAC, and you’ll make significant savings. Moreover, if your HVAC system malfunctions, consider getting professional assistance from a reputable company.

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