General Energy Efficient Home Improvements That Can Save You Money in Oklahoma

Posted on: Feb 16, 2016


If you are a homeowner, chances are that you have a lengthy list of upgrades and restorations that you would like to undertake (from repainting to installation of new floors). However, when it comes to economizing on utility bills, improving comfort, and safeguarding on the value of your home, some home upgrades should be more prioritized than others. Here are a few energy efficient home improvements that you should highly prioritize.

Air Sealing

Air sealing involves weather-stripping the doors and windows and most importantly sealing any openings on the attic floor that can allow penetration of outside air into your home. If these small drafts are allowed to enter, they can blow the conditioned air outside causing your HVAC system to work extra harder. According to energy star, air sealing alone can save you up to 12-percent off in energy bills.


Insulation works by decelerating the rate at which heat is transferred or conducted from warm to cold. Insulating “R” factors illustrate how well the insulating material prevents heat loss. For instance, R30, which is recommended by the US Department of Energy (DOE), is better than R13, which is found in attics and walls of most old homes on Oklahoma.

It is however important to note that how much save is chiefly reliant on your homes circumstances. The DOE energy approximates that proper insulation can help you can save up to 20-percent on your homes heating and cooling utility bills.

Upgrade Your Old Furnace and Air Conditioner

According to today’s standards, cooling systems that are over ten years old and heating systems that are more than twenty years are considered inefficient by the DOE. Replacing these systems with new Energy Star models can save you up to 50-percent off your energy bills. Airco Services HVAC pros can help you with installing these systems.

Upgrade with Energy Efficient Windows

Replacing old-troubled windows with new energy efficient windows can help cut down the cost of energy as well as add value to your home. These energy star approved double glazed windows cost slightly more and are good at preventing conduction and reflecting solar heat. What’s even more is that they can earn you a tax credit of at least 10-percent.

At Airco Services, Inc., we strive to create the best energy efficient solutions for our valued clients in Oklahoma.