The Art of a Good Heating System

Posted on: Feb 18, 2016

Heating vent

Irrespective of the weather, hot or cold, you know you need that heating, ventilating and air conditioning system.  Heating system for the cold weather and cooling for the summer. Time and time again that heating and the cooling system tends to consume quite the lion’s share of your budget. Well, you need to make better-informed choices, be it a purchase or even just some repairs. Here’s what to look for;   What is a good heating, ventilation and air conditioning system HVAC? Making informed choices involve quite a bit of knowledge to get the best of HVAC. A few things you need to know about a good heating and cooling system are:

  1. Type of ductwork and the design – for you to have a comfortable home you need sized ducts that are properly balanced. Long runs of the flexible duct are utterly unhelpful while external insulated round ducts are heat efficient.
  2. Ductwork should have balance dampers- to reduce noise and adjust the amount of heating and cooling coming to a room you need to adjust around the diffuser grille. Balance dampers need to be installed around the diffusers at a distance
  3. Efficiency – the higher the SEER, the lower the utility costs. Focus on air conditioners with higher SEER since it will help lower your heating bills.
  4. A filter dryer – a filter dryer helps extend the compressor life by removing grit and damaged moisture in an air conditioner liquid line.
  5. The condenser coil – for a longer lasting coil that has better efficiency the coil needs to be made of a metal consisting aluminum or copper coils and fins. It is convenient for areas with the corrosive environment.
  6. Location of the air filter – air filters need to be in an easy-to-reach position for the owner since they require frequent replacing.

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