How Much Does it Cost to Install a New AC?

Posted on: Feb 11, 2016

AC Cost

If you’ve had several AC repairs in the past year alone and your energy bills keep going up, then you may need a new AC installed. As the AC wears out, you may even realize that certain rooms get too hot or too cold and the AC itself might start producing strange noises. These are all telltale signs that a new AC might be what you need.

A newer A/C unit is quieter, more powerful, and more energy efficient. As such, they offer greater value for money by lowering your monthly energy bills.

But how much does AC installation cost? Let’s break down the potential expenses to find out how much you could end up paying.

Buying the AC unit

When buying an air conditioner, the first step is to determine what size you need. You should choose an AC unit that is powerful enough to cool the entire home while ensuring that it isn’t too big and unnecessarily expensive. The most common AC units, rated between 13 and 17 SEER, cost between $1,200 and $1,400, though there are cheaper alternatives. Find an AC expert to help with the selection.

Hiring an AC contractor

Next, you need to hire a professional contractor. While some home owners are usually tempted to buy the AC unit and install it on their own, the level of skill needed for effective AC installation is substantial.

Installation prices vary depending on a wide range of factors. For instance, installing a basic two-and-a-half tone unit may cost about $3,000 while installations for some top-of-the-line units cost upwards of $10,000. Get a quote from an A/C pro.

Take advantage of rebates and tax credits

After successful AC installation, don’t forget to claim rebates and tax breaks from the federal as well as your state government. You can check the Energy Star website for possible tax breaks. You can also get tax credits from the Oklahoma state government if you install a high-efficiency unit.

The final cost

The final cost of installation will depend on a number of factors. For example, if you need a new thermostat or if the contractor has to do elaborate duct work, then you may pay more. In short, even for the average installation you’ll need about $4,500.

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