Maximize Efficiency With Your HVAC System

Posted on: Jan 19, 2016

Oklahoma City

Winter or summer, your HVAC system can get a workout in the Tulsa area so it’s important that it performs at peak efficiency all year long. Proper installation and maintenance will maximize the efficiency of your system, while air sealing and insulating your home will boost its efficiency. Here are some tips that will help.

Proper Sizing

Efficient HVAC operation starts with proper sizing and installation. Your HVAC consultant should visit your home, noting such factors as square footage, number of persons occupying the home, size and number of windows, orientation of the home and others. This data will then be fed into computer software called Manual J to determine the heating and cooling load for your home. The consultant can then determine with Manual D software if your ductwork needs changes, and with Manual S, what size HVAC system you need to cool or heat your home.

Equipment that is too large will short cycle, turning on and off too often, wasting energy and wearing out parts. Too small, and it will run constantly, struggling to reach temperature set points, running up your bills and again, wearing out parts.


Ductwork may need to be enlarged or the design changed to provide peak efficiency for your new installation. Even if you opt not to replace ductwork, it should be checked for holes and disconnected segments and repaired.

Air Sealing

Make sure your home is air sealed by checking for drafts around doors, windows, electric switches and holes through exterior walls for pipes, wires or cables. Seal the openings with insulation, weather stripping or caulk.

Clean Filter and Other Maintenance

The single most important thing a homeowner can do, after an HVAC system is installed, is to change the filter frequently. A clean filter does a better job of keeping dirt out of parts and helps the system run more efficiently. Twice a year, in spring and fall, schedule preventative maintenance. The technician will ensure that refrigerant is at the right level, that the condensate drain is free of obstructions and that furnace burners and the heat exchanger are operating properly.

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