4 Signs You Need Immediate Furnace Maintenance

Posted on: Jan 07, 2016


It’s easy to forget to service your furnace with the best heating services Oklahoma City can provide, but eventually the lack of maintenance starts to take its toll. A well-maintained furnace costs less to run, provides more comfortable and evening heating, and remains safe to use all winter long. When the wear and tear adds up, you’ll notice at least one of these four signs.¬†Waiting until you notice these signs of heating problems to request servicing could leave you with a surprisingly high repair bill. It’s better to schedule two visits a year for the beginning and end of the heating season.

New Noises

A little rumbling is normal, but a loud noise that literally shakes the walls is not. Banging and popping noises are strong indicators that the furnace needs some new parts, specifically belts and bearings. Letting the noise go on will lead to higher repair bills as those worn out parts finally break down completely.

Pilot Light Colors

One quick test that homeowners can safely handle to ascertain the health of their furnace is the pilot light peek. Make sure the furnace is disconnected from the electricity but still connected to the fuel line, then look the combustion chamber at the pilot flame. If it’s red or yellow instead of a steady blue, you need a thorough cleaning and some basic heating services Oklahoma City.

Constant Restarting Routines

Are you always rushing over to the thermostat to start the furnace back up because it’s shutting off while the room is still cold? You could have an issue in the furnace, the thermostat, or somewhere between the two devices. Testing and adjusting the thermostat is part of an annual maintenance visit, so skipping those service trips can leave you with a furnace that won’t stay on or switches on too often.

Unpleasant Odors

Finally, your air registers should not deliver any unpleasant smells along with the pleasant warm breeze from the furnace. Smells of smoke, formaldehyde, and sulfur are serious emergencies that warrant evacuation of the house and the immediate attention of an HVAC professional.

If you notice any of these four signs of serious trouble, call us here at Airco Services for immediate help. Waiting to see what happens could result in a house fire or a broken furnace.

Maintenance matters, so keep up with the regular schedule of visits from a service technician.