What To Consider When Searching For Your HVAC Unit

Posted on: Jan 12, 2016

Oklahoma City

Possibly the most important feature in modern homes is the inclusion of a working HVAC unit, especially for anyone in the Tulsa or Oklahoma City area. You’ll have plenty of things to consider when searching for your unit, one of the most important being who you should choose as your installer. Since 1961, Airco Service Inc. has been serving the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas, if you’re looking to upgrade your unit, or even just repair work, we’re available to take care of your needs.

SEER Rating

Most people these days are more concerned most with making sure they get the best power output in a new unit, making sure their home stays the coolest possible. Summer is meant to be fun, but if you’ve dealt with the sweltering heat that comes with this time of year you are going to want to make sure your unit has the highest SEER rating possible in your price range. The average unit these days is around 8 SEER, but if you can afford the upgrade you can jump up to a 16 SEER unit, which will keep your home as cool as possible during those troubling summer months. Nobody wants to be uncomfortable and making sure you get the right HVAC unit to keep you from that is very important, as is making the right decision when it comes to energy efficiency of the unit selected.

Properly Maintained

One more very important need when thinking of your HVAC system is making sure it is properly maintained at all times. Many times the best option when it comes to keeping your unit running properly is to hire to right company to step in and take care of your repairs whenever you’re in need. Whether it’s cleaning the coils, replacing duct work, or simply giving a checkup to make sure everything is still in perfect order.

Airco Service Inc. is the best in the business, and we prioritize customer service.  If you need a new HVAC, or even if you just need a repair, contact us today to setup an appointment. We’ll take care of all of your HVAC needs.