Control Oklahoma Heating Bills This Winter

Posted on: Oct 20, 2015

We’re at the beginning of fall, and cooler temperatures will call for you to fire up your heater again. Are you dreading having to budget for your winter heating bills? Don’t worry! These easy and stress-free Oklahoma heating and cooling tips will help your family conserve energy and save money each month.

Lifestyle Tips for Home Energy Saving

  • Bring out the comfy socks, sweaters and soft blankets to cuddle with on the couch. Dressing warmly will allow you to turn down your heat a few degrees.
  • Just baked warm cookies? Just leave the oven open a crack and benefit from that heat you’ve already paid for.
  • You don’t need to be warming the whole house when you all tend to hang out in the family room together. Have a few space heaters that you can move around, and only switch on while you’re in a particular room.
  • Have a guest bedroom you never use? Close the heating vents to redirect the warmth to the rooms you’re using.

Energy Saving Hacks Around the Home

  • Look for leaks! The attic door or hatch and the door from the unheated garage can be making it harder to be energy efficient. Have a blanket rolled up that you slide against the internal garage door once you’re inside.
  • Use weather stripping or caulk around doors and windows. It’s cheap, simple, and is effective at keeping the heat in and the cold out. A perfect tip for both Oklahoma heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Turn down your heat at night or when no one is home. To make this much easier on your memory, invest in a programmable thermostat for automated adjustments to your Oklahoma heating and cooling needs.

These tips won’t save you thousands, but even a few dollars or cents a month can add up. For larger savings, check if you need a furnace upgrade. For more advice on Oklahoma heating and cooling this winter, contact Airco Service, Inc. — an award winning Oklahoma heating and cooling provider.