Shopping for Parts on the Internet Isn’t Always the Best Option

Posted on: Oct 13, 2015

Today, with internet access, it is easy for people to go online and check the price of parts in many different industries. Once they compare the part price to the total charged they feel they have been overcharged. What many don’t comprehend is what it takes for a legitimate service company in any industry to deliver, install and warrant that part.

For the benefit of those who feel they may have been overcharged, here is a breakdown.

What a legitimate service company provides:

  • The right part meant for the unit.
  • If it’s not on the truck we locate the part needed and pick it up.
  • Prompt repair – no waiting on the mail for internet part delivery 3-5 days.
  • The part and service has a one year warranty – no returns on most internet parts.
  • A trained, bonded and state licensed technician who makes sure that’s the only part needed and not some other issue which may pop up.
  • Your unit is operating when we leave “Cooling or Heating.”
  • Many times we can arrange temporary cooling or heating while a part may need to be ordered.
  • An option is always given for you to refuse the repair/service or call another legitimate service company for a second opinion.
  • 24/7 emergency service is always available.

For our many customers who understand and appreciate the above, here is what it costs to deliver this service:

  1. Vehicles which are insured, licensed, regularly maintained and repaired as needed.
  2. Our technicians are state journeyman licensed, trained, manufacturer certified, city and county registered, background checked and drug-free, all in proper uniforms.
  3. They have the latest technology, all technicians have cell phones for communications with the office and supply houses and internet access to check manufacturer’s equipment and parts specifications and parts availability.
  4. Our technicians are insured, bonded, covered with workers comp, plus offered medical, holiday and vacations, 401k investment programs and uniform service.
  5. Service vehicles have computers for access to address history, in-stock parts availability.
  6. We maintain vans and warehouses with equipment and parts for your needs. We pay taxes and utilities to maintain those facilities.
  7. We pay for supplies and tools needed to adequately stock each of our service trucks.
  8. We advertise and maintain websites so you have easy access and can reach us for prompt service and with your comments and concerns both good and not so good.
  9. We maintain an office with customer service and accounting personnel who use phones, faxes, copiers and office supplies and postage.
  10. We have dispatchers who route our technicians and keep you informed.
  11. We pay state and federal taxes that support the local economy.
  12. We employ local personnel like your family, friends and neighbors.
  13. Then we have the direct cost of providing your repair which include wages, fringes, warranty, permits, materials required and yes – the correct part, which we know to be the correct one.

It is understandable that at times customers may be unhappy because they are facing an unplanned repair expense. Before they consider labeling it “gouging” they should first check with any other legitimate service company and they will find very similar pricing. The costs listed above are unavoidable if any company is going to run a business, in this industry or others.