The Perfect Fall Day – HVAC

Posted on: Nov 03, 2015

When the leaves start to color and the weather turns cooler, Tulsa heating and cooling is easier. Your HVAC unit might even be able to take the day off sometimes. However, that is the time to pay the most attention to it because cooler weather means that you need to make sure your home heating system is ready. The perfect fall day won’t be so enjoyable if your heater doesn’t turn on after a freeze. What can you do to make sure your home is ready for winter?

Schedule a Tulsa Heating and Cooling System Tune-Up

Early September is a great time for a Tulsa heating and cooling maintenance call. A tune-up can find problems before they cause an expensive breakdown and emergency repairs. In addition, regular maintenance will make your equipment run more efficiently and save on energy costs.  The small cost of service will be worth it when you avoid having to replace your unit early.

Replace Air Filters

Tulsa heating and cooling will be more efficient and economical if you change your air filter every month.  Moreover, remember clean filters also mean cleaner inside air and fewer allergies.  Here are some tips on how to make this chore easier:

  • Schedule a reminder to change the filter on your phone or calendar.
  • Buy 6-12 filters at a time so you don’t have to run out and buy one each time.
  • Label the filters with the month so you will know whether you’ve remembered to change it.

Consider a Generator

Generators are increasing in popularity for Tulsa heating and cooling because of the intense weather we have in our area.  Not only will power outages leave you without a air conditioning and heating, they can also cost you hundreds of dollars of lost food in refrigerators and freezers.  If you don’t have a generator, you might want to consider installing one this fall.  If you do have one, be sure that you schedule a routine maintenance inspection so that you can be sure the system is ready when you need it.

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