Common Electrical Problems That Require Professional Solutions

Posted on: Sep 24, 2015

You might think of yourself as a savvy do-it-yourselfer, but most electrical problems are best handled by professionals.

Electrical Emergencies

Signs of a power surge or wiring, component or device wear, damage or incompatibility should always be handled by local electricians:

  • Visible sparks or noticeable noises like crackles, pops and sizzles.
  • Odors near a light switch or socket, or a burning smell that lingers in the air without a definite origin after you’ve ruled out other causes.
  • A warm, hot or melted appliance cord or stain on a socket face.
  • New light bulbs that burn out quickly, flicker on/off or increase/decrease in visible intensity after replacement even after you have changed bulbs and brands.
  • A wired smoke detector that continuously beeps whenever you put a new backup battery in it.
  • Breakers that repeatedly trip or fail to reset when you flip them.

Disastrous Results

Many D-I-Y home and business owners don’t realize the health, safety and financial reasons for turning to local electricians for help:

  • A poor wiring job can result in a power surge or overload that electrocutes you, a loved one, a pet or a visitor. It can also result in a building fire that might extend to nearby structures.
  • Your work might lead to a higher insurance premium or your insurance carrier dropping your coverage.
  • If a fire results from your work, your carrier might refuse to approve your damage claim request.

If you are asking yourself, “What type of D-I-Y electrical work can I do?,” the answer is simple:

Unless you have professional experience, you should only deal with basic problems, such as replacing a light bulb, light cover, damaged face plate or dead smoke detector battery. All other work requires thorough knowledge of building and safety codes, electrical devices, wiring and the tools and steps needed to correctly handle a variety of installation, repair and replacement scenarios.

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