Fall Furnace Maintenance

Posted on: Sep 24, 2015

For our Oklahoma City neighbors, the coming fall weather is an excellent time to schedule a furnace maintenance visit from Airco Service, Inc. Before the heating season comes upon us full force, your furnace needs to be inspected, cleaned and tuned up to ensure reliable, steady heat all fall and winter. While most furnace maintenance should be done by trained professionals, Tulsa-area homeowners can do a few chores themselves to keep their furnaces running at peak efficiency.

Homeowner Dos and Don’ts

You as the homeowner can easily clean or replace your furnace filter. If your filter is disposable, regular changes keep your furnace (and your indoor air) clean. If you have a permanent filter, regular vacuuming and washing is recommended. Two furnace maintenance tasks you can do:

  • The Nose Knows—Stand in your furnace room and sniff, to detect a rotten egg smell (potential gas leak), greasy odor (fuel oil leak) or ozone (electrical short). If you detect any of those issues, contact Airco Service, Inc. immediately
  • Dust and vacuum—Use a light touch with a feather duster to remove dust from furnace electrical connections, then follow up by vacuuming the floor to prevent dust build-up near the furnace

Avoid spraying anything near your furnace. Do not tinker with electrical wires or gas fittings. Do not limit your furnace’s air flow by storing items near it.

Professional Maintenance

With a call to Airco Service, Inc., your Tulsa-area home’s furnace will receive a thorough inspection and detailed service. Expect the technician to do all of the following during furnace maintenance:

  • Check fuel or gas lines—For structural integrity, for incipient leaks
  • Inspect, clean and adjust burners—These determine your furnace’s energy efficiency
  • Inspect and then lubricate moving parts—A well-oiled machine runs smoothly
  • Inspect the electrical system—To diagnose safety issues and ensure tight connections
  • Measure carbon monoxide—This deadly, odorless, invisible gas is a natural product of combustion
  • and checking ventilation
  • Test safety controls—The technician deliberately trips your furnace’s safety controls to verify proper function and quick response


Fall furnace maintenance is the ideal time to find and fix any small issues, before really cold weather when you will depend on your furnace to keep your family safe and warm. Contact Airco Service, Inc. today to schedule furnace maintenance.

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