3 of the Most Common Commercial HVAC Myths

Posted on: Jan 23, 2020

There are all kinds of myths floating around regarding commercial HVAC systems. Some might have been founded in truth decades earlier, but with upgraded technology are no longer accurate. Others are complete head-scratchers. If you ever have any questions regarding how your company’s HVAC system works or needs maintenance tips and other suggestions, you’re always free to call the team at Airco Service Inc. for help and insight. However, before you grab the phone to find out if some of these myths are actual realities, here are three of the most common commercial HVAC myths:

1. Closing Off Vents Saves You Money

No matter what size your business is when it comes to running the commercial HVAC system, you probably are looking for ways to save money. So, naturally, you close off vents that go to areas of the business not currently in use. After all, why should you heat and cool part of the building nobody is in? Well, when using a centralized system, this isn’t exactly how it works. 

With a centralized system, the same amount of air is treated and pushed through the vents. Only the air temperature around the thermostat will have any effect on when the HVAC systems kick on or shut off. So the unoccupied room receiving heat isn’t going to impact the temperature of your thermostat.

However, what closing vents off can do is damage your entire system. Your commercial HVAC system is designed to heat and cool specific square footage. So when you close off access to some of this square footage, it will increase the air pressure inside the vents. The added pressure will force the blower fan to kick on and run longer to prevent damage to seams in the vents. This ends up using more energy. So, while you might close vents to save money, there’s a good chance it costs you more. 

2. All Commercial Systems Are the Same

There is a standard commercial HVAC systems myth that suggests all systems are the same, and the only difference is that the system is adjusted for the size of the building. That is not accurate at all. 

This is because different commercial setups have different cooling requirements. An office will have different needs than a data center. When a temperature needs to be significantly higher or lower than average temperatures, it requires specialized HVAC equipment.

3. New Systems Don’t Need Regular Servicing and Inspections

Just because something is new does not mean it doesn’t need routine inspections. While the parts will be unique, the system still needs to be inspected and cleaned. After all, dust and other debris are present all the time.

The better you take care of your commercial HVAC system, the longer it will run without major issues. And this includes scheduling regular inspections. 

Solving Your HVAC Problems

These are three of the most common myths regarding commercial HVAC systems. However, you may still have questions about your own company’s system and what kind of steps you need to take to ensure it remains functioning at peak efficiency. You’ll also need upgrades, inspections, and repairs performed over the years, which is precisely why you need to work with the professionals at Airco Service Inc.

Not only are they the leaders in residential HVAC, but they are one of the few companies in the region that also focuses on commercial equipment as well. So the next time you require help with your company’s or building’s HVAC system, make sure to give the team at Airco Service a call.