Geothermal Heat Pumps – Top 6 Things To Know

Posted on: Jan 21, 2020

Relatively few people have heard of geothermal heat pumps (GHP), a modern heating and cooling option for their home. This environmentally friendly machine takes the naturally-generated temperature fluctuations that occur underground and channels them through your home. It stands to save you a lot of money on energy costs. Before you rush to install one in your home, though, it makes sense to learn a little more about them and what they can do. Here are six facts about GHP systems that you must know.

1. The Upfront Costs Are Steep

The purchase and installation costs of a GHP system can be pretty intimidating at first glance. These pieces of equipment can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars for larger residences. They will almost always require more than any other heating and cooling devices available to you. That said, the amount of money you stand to save by owning one can easily make up for those costs over time. An adequately maintained geothermal heat pump can save up to 65% more energy than a standard HVAC would, saving you tons of money over the years. 

2. They Have a Very Long Lifespan

A geothermal heat pump is heavy-duty equipment that is built to last. They may come at a high up-front cost, but you can think of them as a long-term investment. A standard GHP can reasonably be expected to remain in good working order for 25 years, and this can extend to more than 50 years for ground loops in some cases. This all depends on proper installation and regular maintenance, of course. Still, you’ll have reliable and energy-efficient climate control in your home for decades to come, provided you are doing what is required.

3. They Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

As already mentioned, GHP systems are very energy efficient compared to the traditional HVAC system. This means that on top of saving money, you’ll also be able to lower your carbon footprint and help to keep the planet’s ecological stability. At a time when every little reduction counts, it’s nice to know you’re doing your part in the quest to save the earth.

4. They Can Be Used in Any Climate

Like most heating and cooling systems, GHP systems operate in every climate. Since the earth’s underground temperature changes continually depending on your location and some locations experience far more hot or cold weather than others, the machine is designed to operate in both hot and cold environments. Temperature extremes are what drive the GHP system, which makes it the ultimate four-season machine for your home.

5. They Offer Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Systems

GHP systems come in both closed-loop and open-loop designs, each with different strengths and abilities. Which of these two options is best for you depends on the climate in your area, land availability, soil conditions, and your access to surface water or groundwater. Figuring out all of the variables involved in this decision can become very complicated and often requires expert knowledge that a layperson does not possess. As such, it is best to hire a professional to assess your land and determine which GHP design best suits your location.

6. Professional Installation is a Must

Installing a geothermal heat pump system is not a DIY project. The sizing, designing, and installation processes are all very complicated and require a professional’s expertise. These systems are still relatively new, which means that it can be challenging to find professionals with the right knowledge to install or repair them. This means that the services of such people can be costly, but they are still essential for anyone who owns a GHP system.

The Bottom Line

The geothermal heat pump system is a desirable but often overlooked option for people looking for a new heating and cooling system. It’s expensive, but you’ll get so many benefits from having one in your home that the cost is more than justifiable. Airco Service provides the best GHP systems at the best prices. Stop by and have a look at them when you get the chance. Who knows? You might find the perfect system for your home.