It’s Time For Your HVAC Maintenance Check

Posted on: Nov 26, 2019

HVAC Maintenance Check

Your HVAC plays an integral role in making your home cozy and habitable, primarily through the frigid months of winter. Ensuring that it is in the best working condition possible not only lowers your utility bills but also gives you a better chance of making it through winter without having to purchase supplementary heaters or piling up blankets to stay warm at night. Your HVAC Maintenance Check is more important than you would think!

At the heart of many HVAC systems is the furnace or heater. This could be a heat pump or a gas-operated heater. Its responsibility is to heat the home in winter. During hot summers, your HVAC either uses fans to manage the temperatures or cleverly uses a heat pump to cool the house.

Maintenance and Replacement Is the Best Way to Improve Uptimes

A poorly maintained HVAC system can fail on you, especially when the thermostat pushes it to the limits to maintain your desired room temperatures.

Failures in the deep months of winter can be catastrophic. HVAC maintenance teams are in high demand, making it harder to get a service crew while purchasing a new unit might not be as fast as you would like.

You can avoid all this by ensuring that you do all your maintenance checks and address any problems before they escalate into catastrophes.

Replace Your System if it is Outdated

Each year, HVAC manufacturers come up with new units that are more efficient and easier to control. Over time, the unit that came with your house will be outdated by current standards. It not only becomes cumbersome to run, but its once revolutionary efficiency becomes the worst in the industry.

Moreover, your system’s reliability and performance drop each year. The average lifespan for an HVAC system is 10 to 20 years, depending on the type. If your system is older than this or you feel it is too outdated and inefficient, you will be better off calling your HVAC maintenance company to install a replacement rather than spend money repairing and upgrading it.

If You are Spending More Repairs, it is Time to Swap

While checking the system’s age is a sure way to tell if it is time for a replacement or not, it might not be enough since each HVAC system is built differently. Other than this, different homes push their systems to different levels. This means that different systems will age differently.

An excellent way to tell if it is time to replace your unit is whether you have to run more and more expensive repairs. Routine cleaning, filter replacement, and optimizations shouldn’t worry you. However, if you have to replace core components of your system every few months, chances are your HVAC is beyond its useful years, and it is time to buy a replacement.

Always Give Your System a Pre Winter and Post Winter Tuneup

Replacing an HVAC system is expensive. You can postpone it for much longer at no extra cost if you keep your HVAC maintenance team close. Always give your system a complete check before going into winter. This will help you optimize and repair any tiny damages before the grueling winter.

Spring checks, on the other hand, check and repair any wear the system endured through winter and also prepares it for the different tasks spring and summer throws its way.

It is never too late to do that HVAC Maintenance Check that you’ve been postponing for too long. Paying close attention to your system’s performance, energy consumption, operating sounds is a great place to start. Ensure that you give the experts any information you’ve gathered when they come to do the regular (twice a year) inspection and maintenance check.