Benefits of Installing a Tankless Hot Water Heater

Posted on: Nov 21, 2019

Is your rusty and archaic water heating looking a little rough around the edges? Whether it is ailing or not, there are many advantages to a tankless water heater, which is also considered to be an on-demand unit that heats water the second it is needed. The design is comprised of high-powered burners that are activated when incoming water flows through the heat exchanger, which is triggered by incoming water. The greatest advantages include:

Cleaner Water

The water inside of a traditional water heater storage tank sits stagnant for long periods. During this duration, sediment builds-up, and rust from the interior can contaminate the water supply, which then gets on your skin. With a tankless system, water is never held in a storage space resulting in a much cleaner supplier throughout your residence.

Continuous Hot Water

Since a tankless system does not store water for use later, it only produces the amount needed. Therefore, when the faucet is in the on position, the tankless water heater delivers a specific amount of hot water dispensed until the faucet is shut-off. If you are so inclined, you can leave the hot water faucet on for hours, and the unit will continue to produce hot water. Installing a tankless system will ensure that you never run out of hot water during a shower.

Energy Savings

The most significant advantage to any homeowner is the energy savings, which saves considerable money on your monthly bill. Instead of storing large amounts of water that must be maintained at a specific temperature, a tankless water heater features an on-demand operation that heats water as necessary. In addition to saving money monthly on your energy bill, some cities offer rebates and financing when you purchase a high-efficiency water heater. This is due to the energy savings when compared to a traditional water heater.


When compared to the standard water heater, the tankless system boasts a considerably higher life expectancy. The average lifespan is around 20-years, which is double the time of conventional models. This equates to significant operational savings and reduced replacement costs across the life of the system.


One area often overlooked is the safety of the tankless unit. This is because they only operate when hot water is required as opposed to a traditional water heater that stores hot water and is almost always operational.

Small Footprint

Conventional water heaters are bulky and take up considerable space. A tankless water heater gives you back that space to use for something much more useful, like additional storage or closet space.


A tankless unit is simple to zone in any area of the house. For additional convenience and space, it can also be installed outside of the wall.

The innovative tankless water heater consumes minimal space and is significantly more convenient than traditional water heaters. If you are sick of running out of hot water and dealing with leaking messes due to expensive and unreliable water heaters, consider moving into a tankless system today to see how this marvel of modern technology will improve your life.