3 Reasons to Get Your Air Conditioning Checked Before Summer | Airco Service

Posted on: Apr 24, 2019

Summertime is a perfect time to relax and enjoy the warm weather. Sometimes the air gets so humid and hot that you can’t handle staying indoors. It can be even worse if your air conditioner breaks down during this time. For this reason, you need to have regular ac maintenance to ensure that the machine is working efficiently. Having a working air conditioner during the summer makes the weather bearable.

1.    Having a clean unit works better

A clean air conditioning works better in providing you with fresh, clean air. Having the air conditioning cleaned before summer is a great advantage. During summer the weather changes and the atmosphere becomes hot, and you need an air conditioner to survive the weather. When the air conditioner has not been in use for a long time, it collects dust, debris and dirt. This may cause it to not work well during summer and it can breakdown. When you hire a professional person for a tune up and regular ac maintenance the machine will work better during summer. Cleaning your machine on time ensures that chances of it breaking down are minimal and this means that it works great during the summer. When your air conditioner is working well, it helps you to relax and enjoy the summer.

2.    Reduces your electric bill

During the summer, every household’s electric bill rises, and the air conditioner makes up for half of the bill. This is considered a normal thing and everybody expects that their electric bill will rise and there is nothing you can do about it. The truth is, that the electric bill goes up when your air conditioner doesn’t work efficiently. This causes the fans to run at a slower pace which requires more electricity to move them. This can be corrected by carrying out ac maintenance on time and ensuring that the air conditioner is in great shape. Getting a professional air conditioner technician to tune the machine for you to ensure that the ac will work efficiently. Having an air conditioner running efficiently can reduce your electric bill by almost half. This means that even if your electric bill will rise it won’t be as much as you are used to paying. This will save you some cash during the summer.

3.    Refill your Freon gas

Freon gas found in an air conditioner is what allows your machine to generate cool air. Most people forget to refill their Freon gas until the middle of summer when their air conditioner stops working. Having regular ac maintenance and tune-ups done by a professional before summer starts can help you realize you need a refill. This will save you on time and any unnecessary breakdowns of the air conditioner during summer. A professional air conditioner technician will be able to identify if the Freon gas is on the correct level. This will allow your air conditioner to run smoothly during the hot summer.


A working air conditioner is bound to make your summer more fun, and you can relax. Additionally, an air conditioner that works efficiently can save you money on electric bills.