3 Reasons to Invest In A Standby Generator | Airco Service

Posted on: Apr 22, 2019

When it comes to weather conditions, you can never be too safe or sure. That’s why you need to take as much precaution as humanly possible so that your home and family can be safe. Loss of electricity is one of the most dangerous and inconvenient factors during harsh weather. When storms come and take power lines down, appliances and lights go off and cause a lot of inconveniences at home and in business environments. Having a standby generator comes in handy during a power outage. Its automatic switch feature saves situations when the power goes off.

Here are three main reasons why you should invest in this generator system:

Minimize Business Downtime

One of the worst outcomes of a power outage is in a business setting when you have to close down your business due to the production facility, store, restaurant, or any other type of business which relies on electricity. In some cases, you may be in the middle of production or your business day and have to delay a client order or close your doors once the power goes off. Having a standby generator means that regular business is delayed only seconds until the generator comes on. You won’t have to delay a client or close down your business for the day.

Keep Foods Fresh For Longer

Food can ruin in the refrigerator due to a power outage, resulting in costly losses. The biggest problem is not knowing how long the power will be out. If you’re lucky, the power goes out for only a few hours and frozen foods don’t thaw and go bad. However, if the outage is due to widespread weather issues, it may be out for days. This generator will instantly take charge and keep refrigerators and freezers running, keeping your food fresh. 

Keep Critical Appliances Running

Some patients who are ill are able to be taken care of at home. If they’re in critical condition, they may be assigned a nurse and some machinery to help maintain their health. This machinery may be critical to their health, so a power outage can quickly become a dangerous situation. Having a standby generator will keep essential appliances running without interruptions that may cause irreversible damage.   

Standby generators assure that you’ll have power during harsh Oklahoma weather conditions. They also give home and business owners peace of mind knowing their daily activities will not be affected by a power outage. Airco Service, Inc installs automatic standby generators to ensure you never stay in the dark. This certified dealer can be contacted via phone call or text on 918.252.5667 for both maintenance and installation of generator systems perfectly sized for your needs.