Cut Your Energy Bills by Installing a ClimateMaster Geothermal System!

Posted on: Apr 02, 2019

Probably the biggest energy using appliances inside your entire home are the furnace and the AC. These two devices must work constantly to keep your home at a desirable temperature. This, in turn, shoots up your energy bill (especially during the middle of the summer and winter). While adjusting your thermostat to keep your AC and furnace from not working as hard are options, one of the best ways to maintain your desired temperature while also reducing energy consumption is through the installation of a ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump. 

How Does a Geothermal Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump works with the natural temperature of the earth under your home. When the temperature outside begins to climb, the temperature under the earth’s surface drops. A heat pump pumps colder air from under your home and uses it to cool the house. Likewise, in the winter, when the above surface temperature grows colder, the temperature below the surface is warmer. The geothermal heat pump will pull air from below your home to help heat the house. 

Cutting Energy Consumption

The heat pump uses a fraction of the energy your HVAC system does. By pulling air from below your property you will improve upon the temperature inside the house. Now, the heat pump will usually be used to aid the furnace and AC. It won’t always be possible to completely rely on the heat pump to heat or cool the house. However, it does alter how much energy is needed to run the HVAC system. For example, without the heat pump, during the winter you may try to increase the temperature of the house from 25 to 70. The heat pump will bring air into the house and raise the temperature to 50 degrees. Now, the furnace only needs to work to heat the house from 50 to 70 (as an example). You’ll maintain a comfortable living temperature, all while reducing how much money you end up spending to do just that. 

A ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump is an excellent way to go green with your home’s HVAC system. It allows you to cut down on energy consumption while improve the overall temperature inside your house. If you’re interested in a heat pump, want to know more about the product, or are ready to schedule an in-home consultation, now is the time to give the team at Airco Service Inc. a call.