How to Determine if Your Heating System is Outdated | Airco Service

Posted on: Jan 08, 2019

Your furnace is one of the largest appliances in your whole house. It also uses a considerable amount of energy. Due to this, it is important to take care of it. It also means you need to know when to replace it when it is outdated. No matter the system you currently have, here’s what you need to do in order to determine if your heating system is outdated. If so, you should contact Airco Service Inc. for assistance in determining what you need in order to update your heating system.

How Old Your Heating System Is

Every heating system has an expiration date. While some might last longer than others, once your furnace hits the 15-year mark, it is on borrowed time. It’ll begin to suffer problems, and you’ll see an increase in costly maintenance. At this point, it’s likely time to replace it. Plus, a furnace that’s newer will have a vast improvement in its energy efficiency.

Costs Are Increasing

If you are noticing your heating costs increasing, including repair costs, there’s likely a problem with your heating system. This means it’s necessary to bring in the professionals to determine what the cause is and whether it’s the right time to upgrade.

Problems Maintaining a Constant Temperature

Have you found that the rooms in your home are struggling to maintain a constant temperature? If so, there are problems with your heating system. It might just be an air leak somewhere within the system, but it may also mean your furnace is on the older side and needs to be replaced.

Noisy Heating Systems

Have you noticed that the furnace in your home is making more noise than it ever has in the past? If so, it means your furnace is beginning to fail on you, and it is probably time to look for new heating systems.

By following these simple, easy-to-follow steps, you’ll know whether or not your heating system is outdated. With the help of Airco Service, Inc., you’ll have the necessary knowledge to identify faulty heating systems, and our team will help you select a new one to improve the functionality of your entire HVAC system. If you have further questions or concerns regarding your heating system, now is the time to give Airco Service, Inc a call.