Experiencing Cold Walls, Floors, and Ceilings? | HAVC Issues OKC

Posted on: Nov 16, 2017

Have you noticed your home’s walls are cold to the touch during the winter? Perhaps while you just can’t walk barefoot in the house because the floor is too chilly to the touch. Maybe as you climb up to the attic of the house you notice the air is oddly cold around the ceiling? All of these are signs you either have poor insulation or your HVAC system is not working correctly. It also means you’re paying far too much in energy bills as heat is leaking out through the walls, ceiling and floors (on top of the energy loss you already experience through the windows). In order to correct this issue, you need to bring in the professional HVAC services of Airco Service, Inc.

Home Insulation

Proper home insulation is a must. If you live in an older house because you love the natural charm it offers, chances are the house suffers from inferior insulation. While newer homes may also have problems with insulation, this is a major concern with dated constructions. By properly insulating the house, you have the ability to avoid these cold walls, floors and ceilings. You also will see substantial energy savings every single month following the new insulation.

Different Kinds of Insulation

There are many different home insulation options available. These different options depend on a few key factors. First, there is the overall construction of your house. Some homes are better designed for a spray insulation, while other homes are candidates to have the insulation blown into the walls. More traditional forms of insulation are also available, where it is brought into the house through large rolls and installed one section at a time. The kind of insulation best for your property may also vary on the amount you’re looking at spending. Regardless of your budget or the kind of house you own, having new insulation installed into your home will help you save money throughout the year, live comfortably and increase the value of your home property.

Regardless of the issue, if you are in need of an HVAC update in order to prevent cold walls, floors and ceilings, you owe it to yourself to contact Airco Service, Inc today. From new insulation to upgraded heating and cooling equipment, you are just a phone call away from correcting your heating problems while cutting down on energy consumption, all at the same time.